Remember my Rose and her eye problems

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Aug 31, 2003
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Let me tell you, this was a shock! I am so Pi55ed off. Long story short..he comes to see her knowing it is an eye issue. Oops forgot his optholmascope so he can't say just what it is. Gotta come back, in the mean time do what you are doing with the triple antibiotic eye drops. "10DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" later he comes back.
Been busy he says and he is confident I can handle it.

At this point I have spoken with our Dr Pam and gotten her advice and that of a vet friend up north as her other eye was effected. Switched meds and got her better.

MY VET upon coming back that 10 days later did flourese the eye and took a culture of each to send to Cornell. I tolld him what I was doing and he agreed ok.

Few more chats with Pam and my friend and we were whipping this. I get a call 2 wks later to tell me it is allergic conjuntivitis. Ok, I kinda figured that out for myself.

Next day get another call from vet and he said he told Cornell to go ahead and send the cultures to Texas U to continue the culture cuz he "thinks" there may be yeast. SIGH> I did not authorize that and told him so. Texas results came in 33 days after her culture was taken. Allergic conjunctivitis. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG! Yesterday I got my final bill. Ready?


Rose has been sold to a good friend, our Ginny St Pierre. Her eye dilema was all disclosed, she was just about perfect when she left and is perfect now.

"I", ME, and Dr Pam cured this horse not that other jerk. $554
No way Jose! would you handle this one folks! I feel I owe him the first call, the work on the 2nd call minus the trip fee as it was his fault he had to come back, and the Cornell culture. NO MORE!

Man I hate confrontations! But I am NOT paying this much money for a filly that is gone and did not get any help from these folks. Can you hear me screaming!!!!!!

Also, I realize the additional amounts over and above the $161 I owe the vet is owed to Cornell & Texas U. That is $393 worth of cultures! How can that be? To whom would I speak do you think?
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OMG! That is a shocking bill!!! I am SO blessed. I love all the vets in the practice I use and every time I get a bill from them, I always think it's fair (and cheaper than I'd charge to come and spend that amount of time here).

I'm not sure what to advise other than to wait until you aren't as upset to talk to him. I agree, that amount seems totally outrageous... think on it, it costs me 1/3 of that to have horses gelded which is surgery!!!

The only thing I'd be concerned about is that the vets are one group of people I do not want to p*ss off. When you NEED them, you NEED them.
Jill, pi55ing him off is not an issue. When I took William to the small animal vet yesterday found out that Jessie C (a wonderful young lady vet) is now with them and is doing large animal on her own, just give a call! SO....big guns are out, I've got back up.

Oh and Jessie lives about 8 miles from me.
Other vet is 35 miles.
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Some vets drive me up the wall.

Tell him calmly, if you can, exactly what you told us and tell him what you feel responsible to pay.

I had a similar problem with a vet and it infuritaed me, he was completely incompetant and told me so " Horses are not my thing!", but charged me like a true professional!!!!!!!! Funny how that works out!
I would have keeled over if I had received that bill for the little amount of work that vet did!!!
I don't know what to tell you to do. Maybe write a letter to his practice outlining exactly what you told us and include the bill. Highlight the charges you feel are legitimate. See what they come back with. That's Awful!!

Edited to add: My stallion ripped off 1/2 his bottom eyelid last summer. Vet came, examined the eye, knocked the horse out, put in stiches and waited for the horse to come around, gave me eye drops. Bill was just over $200.00.
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I do symphathize with your shock over the vet bill. But glad to hear your little mare is all right.

You, as a customer, certainly have a right to question the costs associated. Any time a culture or test is sent on to a university or testing lab the costs are large, plus you are paying the shipping be it overnight or UPS. Since you did not authorize the culture be sent.........I believe you have firm ground to stand on in refusing to pay for that.

I think I would highlight some of the items you question on the bill, make an appointment, and discuss the bill with your vet or clinic staff.

Hope you have a positive outcome, and do let us know the results!
Is his Jag payment due or what????

I would question it for sure. I am also sure I would refuse to pay for any test I did not authorize them to do. Especially after the fact.

The first time the Vet saw Prints, it was an emergency call very late on a Holiday Weekend, a 2 hour call, gave her fluids, plasma, tubed her, inserted and sewed in a feeding tube, gave her all shots needed, ran 5 tests on her, sent home 3 medications, supplements, syringes, and a tub of Foal Lac for the feeding tube, and the cost was only $30 more than yours.

I'd be on the phone.
I've been cleaning house, thinking about your post.

This happened to my friend :

She had two cryptorchid (sp?) colts.

Her vet quoted her a price to geld them at her house,

and offered to geld them at his clinic, but the price was considerably

more. She opted to take them to his clinic, wanting the best

possible care. When she dropped them off, being a

nurse, she asked to see the operating room.


The vets response: "my grass area is cleaner than yours"

This had been her vet for years!

Oh DEB!!! Now you know if this were me I would be only too happy with that bill, as mine costs $200.00 before he starts doing anything, and more for unsocial hours! I would, in the first instance, write all this down, and do it politely. Then either send the letter to him or read it out over the phone- it's better to have a script and stick to it, I find, when you are in a confrontational situation. I hate confrontation, too , so I know how you feel , but, stick to the script and stick to your facts, do not allow him to side track you, and, if the worst comes to the worst tell him you will see him in court- and, should it come to that, make sure the local newspaper is out to interview you and gets the WHOLE story- it always helps. It does make me angry- I had a Vet I loved to pieces, she was truly great, but I did sometimes wonder which planet she lived on!! I used to whinge and grizzle about the charges and she used to knock some off almost every bill, but, in the end, I started getting all the dog and cat shots from Ireland...I don't know what you pay but she was charging $91.00 for my dogs boosters EACH!!! From Ireland they cost $28.00 each!!
Well, I calmly called and asked for the results costs from Cornell and Texas U be separated. They hemmed and hawed and asked if they could call me back. Then I was told that Dr W said, Cornell forwarded the cultures DUH I knew that but I wanted to know how much! Why? they asked. I calmly said I was less than thrilled with the care and consideration I was given and considering the time span...7/8 first visit....7/18 second visit where cultures were taken.......7/27 Cornell results that say allergic conjunctivitis....8/18 results from Texas.

So I have a 9 am appt to meet with my vet next Thursday to "discuss" this. They wanted me to discuss it on the phone but I felt that wouldn't get me anywhere.

This vet I've used for the last 8 yrs. 5 yrs ago he opened his own practice and I stayed with him. He was so familiar and personal. I noticed 2 yrs ago he breezes through and no chit chat and it is all business now. Very sad to see the good old country vet become a corporate I don't care Dr of animals.

Oh, BTW he is a cow vet in speciality and reminded me he doesn't do many horses so I should be happy he is still working with me. His new vet partner I adore and she is the one who comes usually but she was on vacation at the time. If I had had Lisa any and all questions and expenses would have been discussed first. I keep remembering the Mr Vet telling me the meds for a yeast would be over $100 and me saying if that's what it was I didn't care how much it cost, but he NEVER prescribed any meds.

I told them today if she has a yeast infection of the eye she would be blind by now considering how long it has been and not treated with a yeast killing drug.

Think about it 7/8/05 to date. 9/25/05. Imagine how awful she would be by now. I looked it up on the internet. Rose does not have that! Man I wonder just why the nice guys finish last.
Well, I would be really more ticked off now than before.

I don't want ANYONE doing ANYTHING with my horses when they've got the atitude that I'm lucky they are even doing this for me. That's right up there with vets who think they're not as important since they are just minis. Forget that!

You've got an alternative vet, who sounds like she CHOOSES to work on minis, so if it were me, I'd use her from now on.
Thanks for the support. Really helps. I plan to go pay the $186 I owe him for the first 2 visits. I plan to pay him no more. We'll see what happens.
Dimimore---I sure am inclined to agree with you. I would pay the first 2 vet calls and refuse to pay the rest. My vets are not the least expensive but they are honest and up-front about cost, alternatives, etc. i shudder to think of having to have vets like that! jennifer


That is a totally outragious cost!
I would pay him for the frist 2 visits and not a penny more! What a jerk!
You remember when we lost Miss Bucky? She was in ICU at the UNIV. Of TN. vet clinic ( one of the best in the nation) for 3 days before we put her down! Her bill from UT and my local vets combined only toatled a little over $800.00! I would tell your vet to stick that bill where the doesn't shine!

When you meet tell him exactly how you feel and what you think would be fair and that is all you expect to be billed for and all you will be paying. Be calm and refrain from grabbing him by his collars and draging him over the desk. Inform him that if he insists on payment that he is welcome to file suit in small claims court. He will not file since he would spend more time in court trying to collect it than his time is worth.
Exactly my intent Vic. I know he will insist the extra costs are not his but that of Cornell & Teax U but I have no intension of being taken for granted. I plan to show up dressed professionally not in my barn clothes.
I am sorry BUT I think SOME vets you give them an inch they take a mile

I love my vet now but I think it is outrageous what some of them want to charge for what I consider unnecessary procedures for my animals.

All of my animals get regular vet care but finally I have a vet who is practical and is not constantly 'upselling" the latest thing. I love my animals and I hate when they make you feel guilty for not being willing to pay huge prices for unnecessary stuff!!!!!!!

Good Luck Deb and stand you ground!!!!!!!
Hey Deb

You and Dr Pam did all the work. I don't think I'd even pay for the 2nd visit as it was his fault he had to come back. Your Beautiful Rose is doing just great, hasn't had problem one with her eyes!! Thank you so much for selling her to me.

Ginny StP
Ginny, heck I couldn't ask for a better new mom. Glad she is doing so well, give her hugs from me.

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