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  1. MyManMo

    Movin' Violation and me

    He everyone. I am very excited to be here and hopefully learn about mini's. I have been a horse owner for 35 years but just yesterday, acquired my first mini, as a pasture buddy for my soon to be retired trail horse Diamond and hopefully future driving buddy for me. His registered name is...
  2. xrdh

    Reg. mini mule driving gelding

    Jasper is a 7 year old registered miniature mule who is gentle, smart and talented. 32" to 34" tall. He drives, jumps, and excels at obstacles. He has never bitten or kicked anyone and he gets along well with my other minis, big horses and dogs. Jasper has never been lame or sick. He is all...
  3. JulieMe

    Weanling Rescue Advice

    Hello! I am new here and need a quick crash course in miniature weanling care 101. Today I rescued a approx 5 month old weanling colt from a nearby kill lot that got in over 20 minis headed for slaughter. I have experience with big horses, but not one this tiny or this young. I feed my 7...
  4. Barnmother

    Gelding - Aftercare

    I am going to be gelding my five year old black stallion this spring. I plan to do this before the flies get bad and before he goes to my sisters ranch. It has been a long time since I have had to deal with gelding any size horse. I wondered what you have experienced as fat as the aftercare...
  5. Bucky-son


    This little guy is my world! He is 1 of 4 of my furry-4-legged kids!
  6. charlottein

    Here's Chaos!

    My first mini arrived today! He is Bondes Bouncin B Glorious Chaos! He is 31" and 5 years old. He settled in to sample some weeds straight away, hehe! He has Gold Melody Boy and Orion Light Vant Huttenest in his pedigree. I will get better pictures later of course! He has some lacing on his...
  7. muffntuf

    Geldings! They Are Super!!!

    Hey we have had entries from as far away as Washington on the west coast and on the east coast - Georgia. As far south as Texas and as far north as Canada. Yes Geldings are a very special pony or mini in our world. The AMHRA and AMHRB is thriving and the program will have a very nice payout -...
  8. Deb O.

    My new Gelding

    I've always said to Linda that I'd have to see a horse to know if there was a connection between us. Wellllll this guy just proved me wrong. I saw a for sale pic of him on one of the facebook pages and knew I just had to make him mine. At the time we didn't think we could take on another new...