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Oct 17, 2005
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This horse Quincy needs help. I've been reading about her on a New England board and just wanted to spread the word about her. I'll post her myspace page for anyone that's interested. Thanks!!

My Webpage

If you want more info let me know.
That's heartbreaking........Have you contacted Chances Rescue? I don't mean to be rude, but it's wise to go through the proper avenues to help.
After reading that all I can do is pray that someone in authority has the heart to order an end to the suffering that poor mare has endured all these years. Please God let Quincy peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge where she will be whole again.
That is soo sad.
For someone to be so cruel as to get her in that situation and then want to keep her in it. I hope they find it in their hearts to let her go to the rainbow bridge quickly and painfree. She's been through enough!!
I know this heartbreaking story. Quincy is a big horse by the way.
Right now I am totally fed up with most people. Trust me this happens all too often. Nothing will be done because the horse has food, water and shelter. I know, this IS the law is in MA. I am really ticked off right now because I know horse owners that want to cheap out and not call the vet when the horse NEEDS the care, and though the barn aisles are swept the stalls smell like a toilet. Plus they have the money to treat the horse but its not done. Quincy's problem is severe arthritis and calcification of joint which is common in a lot of older TB's that have been raced.

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