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Jan 30, 2004
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For those of you that have leased a stallion or leased out one of yours, what terms were agreed on and what kind of financial arrangement was made? Did you charge a set fee or a per mare fee? I know I would require the stallion be insured and have everything specified in a written agreement.

We are keeping a black pinto (homozygous for pinto and black) stallion for family members with a serious illness and I know he would be so happy to have some mares of his own. His owners think it would be great to lease him to someone who would take care of him. We pasture breed and already have plenty of stallions of our own to use so he is currently being stalled.

This is the stallion.....Pacific Matador


Thanks for your help!
I leased one out a few years ago and it worked out well.

They had to insure him

They paid a flat lease fee for one year. If they decided to buy him at the end of the year the lease fee was subtracted from the purchase price

If they did not buy him at teh end of the year they had to pay to send him back to me

While there they were responsible for all vet and farrier bills during the year

They had to send me pictures periodically so I could see how he was

they could breed all of their mares but no outside mares from other farms

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