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Sep 27, 2003
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First off, I want to start off saying I'm not being flip here. I"m seriously asking about this. I received this email, and normally would delete it without response. However this one had just enough ???? to make me pause. Surely they are getting a little better if it is a scammer. In the subject line the actual horses name was used, other things appear a little possible legitimacy wise... still though, I surely can't imagine anyone buying a horse with no further questions asked. LOL What would you seriously do? Answer this, or hit delete, and go about your day.

Gooday,My name is Mary Federicks ,I'm willing to buy the above named item and i will be glad to have the best sale price of the item in US DOLLARS,and i will like to let you know that i will be paying you up by the means of a cheque that will be drawn on US bank.also,i will handle the shipping of the item as soon as the payment is through.Waiting to hear from you as soon as you read this mail.

Warm Regards

Mary Federicks  ......

tami they are alot slicker and imo this is a scammer. But if you think its not go ahead and reply

Most people who really want to buy a horse have questions about said horse. They wouldnt just buy it no questions asked. At least i have never had a legitimate sale go that way.

Now i am very careful because i have gotten quite a few overseas requests for info on horses and usually their english is not good. But they always have questions about the horse such as pedigree, temperment etc.
I think Miss Mary is buying a horse from every Forum member this week!
Delete It!

Edited to say I sell quite a few horses overseas and inquiries look NOTHING like that.
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IMO even though they used the horses' name in the subject line, the email seems "canned" for mass mailing when the body of the email uses the term "item".

This one sounds like it's a candidate for the 'delete key".

"Mary Fredericks" sounds like a familiar "scammer name" I've read before.......hmmm

Can't remember exactly when..

Thanks guys. I pretty much figured that too. And honestly I wouldn't let one of my kids go to someone who didn't want to know more about them than what's posted on the saleboard, or my site. I'm usually pretty good at picking scammers (at least I think I am. LOL) But some posts recently made me think possibly I was being TOO picky, and maybe that's just the way some of them start up a buying relationship.
I got that exact same email for a particular horse I have for sale and I did respond with a price. When she replied, she did the usual wanting to send more than the purchase price for the CAR!
I'm sorry....but that one just SCREAMS "Scammer"!

No legitimate buyer would call the horse an "item".

And no legitimate buyer would be arranging for payment before even TALKING to you about the "item".
ahhh miss mary emailed me as well the key to me is the talk of certified check up front who does that when inquring about a horse in the first email?

Asking about terms so it doesnt waste everyones time i understand and have done myself but not with what form of payment i am going to make on a horse I havent even seen
This sounds to me like a "canned" message where they just fill in some particular info. The reason I think this is because it says "item." I would just delete it. If you respond, you may be inviting more spam.
I am always VERY cautious now... matter of fact, today I got an e-mail for an internet security company... called Something "West" or "West" something... anyway... some kind of security banking thing... and (get this)..."If you haven't already registered with us, you can do so by using your Social Security number as your Username AND your Password. I HATE scammers!!! Just be careful... and above all... go with your gut feeling... If you have to justify ONE THING... DON'T DO IT!

Chris B.
Hi all:

This is an e-mail I received ealier this week. Although wee do have several 2005 leopard stallions non are for sale or have been on any sales boards.

Subject: INQUIRY.....................................2005 Bay Leopard Miniature Colt


I am very much interested in purchasing your horse which you place for sale on the internet, I just want to let you know that am highly and keen to purchase the horse. But I will like to see the pictures of the horse which you wants to sell , as well as to know the last price for the horse before we proceed further...I expect to hear from you...Do get back to me as soon as you receive my mail and I hope the horse is in perfect health condition.


Has anyone received this one?

Mary sent me an email today too.

I agree, sounds pretty "scammy" to me too!

I got the one Dawn has - from Anita. Have replied to her a couple of times just to see what came back. Haven't had a response since I said it sounded like a scam and that I generally wanted more information about where my horses went.

Thanks everyone.

LisaF- Hugs sweetie, thanks. No I don't feel stupid for asking... well, okay, maybe a little, LOL. But really, usually I just say Pffft, and hit delete, but every once in a while one will have just something about it and a little niggle of doubt raises up, combined with the occassional posts of some very notable people who say, hey, you never know it might be legit. Sooooo... I figured asking and feeling stupid is better than not asking and kicking myself later finding out it was 'okay'.
I guarantee you 100% that this is a scammer. They now have an abbreviated version also. I just got three responses on ads from the same email addie, all worded the same, but they moved from Germany to California to Italy in four days!!

Their referencing the 'above item', their spelling and their not asking you real questions about your horse for sale is one clue that assures that it is a scam.

I hope that you all are reporting these to the email provider that they are using (yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc...) and also to any sales boards you may use so they can be banned.

I agree that it is a scam, but I still respond and usually get no response to my questions back.

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