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Jan 9, 2005
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NE Montana
Can you get Sabino roaning with no other white?

My yearling bay stallion has no facial or leg white, but does have white hairs mixed into his coat. They are not abundant, but they are there none-the-less.

hhhmmmm...not much help here..but my bay also has white hairs throughout his whole body..his mama was a dun. ya nuts!
I have a chestnut/sorrel 2 year old that has a sabino sire--she has a blaze, one white sock, and she has the sabino roaning.

My this years foal, Lily, from the same sire, is a medicine hat tovero with roaning in her red areas.

Ok, Me again with the color book in hand. First of all, remember that sabino can hide in a small white spot anywhere, on the belly etc.

This iw what I found on page 73 of Horse Color Explained by Jeanette Gower:

"Extensive ticking is why so many sabinos have incorrectly been referred to as "roan". Probably 80 percent of sabinos exibit this ticking to a minor or greater degree, so that ticking is an excellent indicator of the minimal sabino. Nevertheless, ticking occurs in horses without sabino characteristics and not all sabinos exhibit ticking"

Here is a pic of my ticked sabino



I just got emailed back from the Sabino Horse Registry. I sent them a pic of Promise and their reply was "the picture you sent of your mini shows her to be

sabino and she would be classed as a loud sabino from

her pattern due to the roaning and spotting influence." If you email them a pic they will tell you. They also have color samples of other horses. Thanks

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lilhorseladie said:
Do these white hairs mix evenly throughout the body on all parts?  Legs and head?

I've mostly noticed them on his body, but I haven't really looked that closely on his head or legs to see if the roaning is there as well.
yellerroseintx said:
hhhmmmm...not much help here..but my bay also has white hairs throughout his whole body..his mama was a dun. ya nuts!

Both of my yearling's parents were buckskin. I had him tested, he's bay.

Yes, colors drive me nuts.
Yes, Sabino roaning occurs when there are no other white markings present. In my opinion, this is the most minimal expression of Sabino.

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