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Nov 30, 2002
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Gem is acting strange. Throwing her head and striking and she hit the baby. She is acting motherly and then will just start getting agitated and striking. Anyone have any ideas? Is it just from the pain? I have never had one do this before........ I had my husband move the mare in the next stall in case she was upset by her. We have her on a lead rope now. And she is licking the foal.

Oh, and I think it is a filly. It was hard to tell and I wanted to leave mom and baby alone. Pretty sure a filly though......
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Tami, have you given the mare Banamine? I give it to mine as soon as they foal. Pain can cause them to act agitated. Good idea to move the mare in the next stall. I occasionally have mares that don't like much human intervention. My mare that foaled on Monday pawed at her foal as long as I was in the stall. I was afraid she was going to step on him or hurt him, so I tried to limit my time in the stall.

Hopefully, your mare will come around.
It does sound like she might be in pain. I also give my mares banamine as soon as they foal. I have one mare that doesn't like people in with her and the foal the first day......then she settles down. Good luck with your mare and foal........and congratulations!!
Yep, gave her some Banamine. And we were just going to come in and watch from the camera to give them some time alone when she started acting that way. Now I am afraid to leave them..........
Has she passed the placenta yet? I can't tell on your cam. That should make her feel better when she does.. Have you given her anything to eat since she foaled? I always give my mares a snack after foaling. Gets their blood sugar up. She may be having a bout of low blood sugar which can make them act agitated.
I just gave her some hay. And she did pass her placenta.

I guess we will hang out in the barn for a while but back away from the stall. I turned the cam off for now since she is acting strange.
I went to see a filly my friends mare had just had. The filly was about an hour or so when I got there. I never went into the stall or touched either of them. But after 1/2 hour or so she got agitated and squeled (sp) and struck the foal. She had already passed the placenta and been given Banamine. I figured it was the additional visitor so I told my friend I was leaving. My friend said after I left she settled down and was a wonderful mother. Since my niece and I went over when the filly was about 3 weeks old and the mare let my niece crawl on her hands and knees to play with the filly. The filly thought it was great to have someone her own size to play with.
Katiean made a valid point. Since your new mother has been given food (I'd grain her too, btw
) and banamine.....Is there another horse too close to her -- in HER opinion??? Or perhaps extra people? We have a couple of mares that react to both, so we give mom plenty of privacy for the first 24 hours. They do settle down after time.
Thanks everyone. I think things are better now. We are watching them from the monitor. I have a migraine so hopefully Dennis can watch some too. My head is going to explode..........
Oh Tami, sorry about your migraine! Hope you are feeling better this morning. How is the mare this morning? Hopefully, she is fine and all is well.
Hi, Tami --

I hope your migraine is gone this morning!!!

How are momma and baby doing now? Hoping everything simmered down.

Hi guys
Yep everything is wonderful this morning, except my headache but hey, I can live with that. The mare was still a little fiesty last night so I took the camera offline but I have it back on. The filly has nursed and is running laps around a very good mommy. Thank you so much everyone. I had never had a mare do that in 26 years of breeding.
Two years ago my maidian mare had a foal and she would let him nurse, but if he started to run around his stall she would go after him and put him in a corner. I was up for 52 hours., afraid to leave her alone, as when I watched from the monitor, she would actually knock him down with her front feet. my friend came over and we tried walking them outside, with mare on lead, and he started to run around and the mare

lounged at him and picked him up by the back of the neck. needless to say I was frantic--this was my first mini foal. The next day I decided to take them outside and let them both loose and see what would happen.

It worked! She would follow him around as he went running, and never tried to hurt him again. I am breeding her again this year, hope she remembers to be kind to her foal.

Hope all goes well and your mare settles down.

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