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Nov 30, 2002
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Cumberland, Maine
I have a Mini filly who was born in May of this year. She is as picky as they come when it comes to grain. She hates sweet feed, is picky on pellets, etc. All our other Mini's eat the Purina Mini and Pony feed and have done very very well on it. Has anyone had any success feeding this grain to weanlings? I would like her on a Jr/Mare and Foal grain, but now that she has had a taste of the Mini feed, that is all she wants. The bag does have feeding directions for Weanlings, so I am assuming it has enough in it for them. Just don't want to short her on anything she needs that maybe a Mare and Foal or Jr grain offers extra.

Anyone out there feed this to their Weanlings? If so, do they do as well as the adults on it? And, how much of it do you feed?

Thank you in advance

Have you tried Calf Manna? It is anise flavored, so very palatable and is 25% protein and considered a supplement. I add it to our weanlings grain to boost the protein content because I feed grass hay. To get the total protein content in their feed above 14% I needed something that was more than 14% protein and this stuff is great. I started feeding it when our first foal's dam was hospitalized for hypocalcemia and the vets were concerned the foal might need extra protein and nourishment. Turns out her mom liked it too and so did all the other foals and dams! Yes, it is for foals too, not just calves!!
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I am not a big fan of the mini feed esp not for weanlings. it has a lot fillers, not bad fillers, but a lot of forage based fillers. I know that the purina equine senior and equine jr are close in their formulas. While it also has a lot of forage in it, it has a denser calorie content than the mini feed. Many of the equine hospitals in this area use equine senior on all of the patients that are on feed because it is very digestible and very easy on the system. I have yet to have a horse turn up their nose at purina equine senior.

I second the calf manna, my gypsy vanner colt needed a boost, I added it to his feed and it gave him just ooomph he needed.

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