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Aug 31, 2003
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Nothing here Frankie!
Gosh, do not have a clue what happened to the original one, maybe it missed the sattalite out in space and is on it's way to Jupiter!!!!

I want to send a special thank you to all who have been so very supportive. It has been greatly appreciated and sorry I have not had the time to respond to the pm's and emails. But thank you!

For the first time in 7 days, Prints has a normal temperature.

Her white blood cell count is down. Almost normal.

Rattle, congestion is still in her chest, but considerably less and is allowing her to be on a regular diet.

Test results on her knees/joints are very very good.


We are cautiously, somewhat hopefully optimistic at this point. It can go up and down especially in older foals, so are watching her very close.

All 3 vets say, the 10 day mark with better vitals is what we are reaching for.

Then we will get to work on boosting her system so it does a better job of fighting off this kind of thing.

Pain medicine has been taken away, but she continues on antibiotics, msm, and tagament.

Thanks again to all so much. We're hanging in there, largely in part because of all of you and your support.
That is good news!
I was fearing the worst when we didn't hear from you.

I do have a question for anyone, but feel free to not answer given the current circumstances.

Did this end up being joint ill?

If it was, for some reason, I thought joint ill happened in really young babies that still had their stumps? One reason for the iodine dips? Little Prints is several months old now?

So how does joint ill develop? Is it only a foal issue, or can older colts/fillies, or adult horses get it too?

Preventative measures?

Again... DON'T answer if you're not comfortable doing so. I can sure call my vet, but hate to waste their time with questions that don't apply to any current situation of my own. I just want to be educated for future reference and my future babies.

Curiosity killed the cat, but finding out brought him back.

Absolutely THRILLED to hear this good news!!!!

You hang in there and we will too

In our case, Prints was diognosed by 2 vets and one University.

Yes, it is usually in young foals, but not always.

Prints was born with no sucking reflex, she was tube fed, Foal Lac, for 2 weeks. We believe she has a weak system from not nursing those critical first two weeks, but there is no real answer as to why she came down with it at the age of almost 4 months. From all I have read, her immune (sp) system has never developed and is for sure not the strongest, as she so needed mares milk those first few weeks. It has most likely always been "lurking", but only now came out.

Now this is just in Prints's case, all others are different. Always check with your vet, and then get a second opinion.
Frankie said:
In our case, Prints was diognosed by 2 vets and one University. Yes, it is usually in young foals, but not always.


Thanks Carolyn. And yes, I would always call my vet.

So, so glad Prints has triumphed once again. She is one amazing little lass.
Thought I'd let you know, I am considering writing a book when all is said and done. Even though I have learned a ton, I am still no vet, so can't go there.

So thought I'd just call it:

"How To Drive Your Mom Crazy, In 4 Months Or Less"

Written by Carolyn Pope, Executed By Picture Perfect Prints

Sounding better all the time! Yes!

If you write the book, Carolyn, I'll write a poem for you to include. LOL

That girl has worried, charmed, and amazed us from day one.

I hope the weekend is a restful one for you and that she continues to improve. Hang tough.

I was also holding my breath since we hadn't heard from you. I am SO relieved Prints is better!

Carolyn, you write the book, I'd be glad to edit and type it for you!! Anything for Prints and her 'Mom.'

Give her a big ole hug from her forum family

Just bringing this back up to the first page, hoping for an update on Prints today. Sure hope she is doing better.

Hey Carolyn, if you get a chance stop by and meet Zoey at Woodlawns Wild West Festival tomorrow, between noon and 4. It is the assisted living place across from the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle. If you don't make it, maybe we will try to stop by if not to tired.

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