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Aug 31, 2003
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The following is a press release from the AMHA that I thought you all might be interested in. Allison also told me that there are a few other Miniature farms besides the Bradford's that have received damage from Katrina, but at present the Bradford's plight is the only one with IMMEDIATE need. There are members in the area that are assisting the Hebert's and Ann Simmons who got hit pretty hard.



Alison Elrod

Marketing Manager

817.783.5600 ext. 320


[email protected]

RE: CNN's Anderson Cooper Airs Clip of AMHA Members Pleading for Rescue from Aftermath of Katrina

Alvarado, Texas - September 2, 2005 - Following the airing of a live Anderson Cooper CNN broadcast from Waveland, Mississippi, the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) has been flooded with offers of help and support for some of its members featured on air who are trapped in this area. Drs. William and Judith Bradford along with their three children have survived Hurricane Katrina but are now pleading for help to save their AMHA horses.

"As soon as the segment aired, the phone here in the office began ringing off the hook," says AMHA Marketing Manager Alison Elrod. "I received more than 350 emails and 150 phone calls within the hour." In the segment, Dr. William Bradford called upon viewers to contact the AMHA and alert them of the situation while stressing that he had no feed or water for the horses. Immediately going to work with Chance's Mini Horse Rescue (, the AMHA along with concerned citizens and members began to formulate a rescue plan.

Volunteers from all fifty states and even Canada have volunteered to go help the Bradford's and their remaining horses. Members and concerned citizens who live closer to the affected area are packed and waiting to go. "Our biggest problem right now," says Elrod, "is contacting the news media to let them know that we are aware of the situation and trying desperately to reach the Bradford's. We need any help available to gain access into this area but want to be extremely careful to not interfere with current rescue operations. It is our desire that the AMHA, CMHR and others have the chance to help out our members who have been faced with this unbelievable burden."

The AMHA is concerned about the safety and well-being of the Bradford's and all other AMHA members and individuals affected by this national disaster. Many AMHA members have been affected by this horrible tragedy and help is on its way too many of them. Hoping to bring a small sense of relief to some affected by this situation, an account has been set up by Chance's Mini Horse Rescue to raise money for this and other equine rescue operations. For more information on how to become involved and updates of this story, please visit us online at

The AMHA was formed in 1978 and serves as a breed registry for Miniature Horses that are 34 inches and under. With over 160,000 registered horses and more than 11,500 members worldwide, the AMHA is one of the fastest growing breed registries. Chance's Mini Horse Rescue is a not for profit organization dedicated to the well-being of all miniature horses. - END

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