Prayers for Baby Abbie, Please...

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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA
Yesterday at first I was sure that mom Nikkie must have "caught" on an earlier heat cycle and that this filly was the result of that.... however once I checked my records, it turns out that we only bred Nikkie ONCE last year... June 19th.

That means Baby Abbie was born at 295 days.

We fixed up the corral last night to be warmer for her, and put her in a little blankie, but her body temp is still low for a normal foal. She needs more nutrition than she's been getting on her own, as she's weaker than a normal foal. She IS nursing, just not enough. She had milk all over her face since she's not keeping her mother milked down enough.

So, I get to milk Nikkie and syringe or bottle feed Abbie regularly until we know she's doing it enough on her own. She'll have a heater tonight as well, although thankfully it's warm today and supposed to be even warmer in the days to come (they're predicting record heat!)

Abbie's IgG was so low that it didn't even register on the stall-side snap test, so our vet is off hunting plasma and she'll be getting a transfusion later this evening. She's also getting antibiotic shots - I HATE poking tiny babies!

It's pretty much a miracle that she was strong enough to be up and nursing on her own in an arena with other mares to "help"... and I have MORE respect for our 4 month old Anatolian puppy, who has access into the arena and obviously did no harm (which is as it should be, but she's really too young to have out with birthing stock according to conventional livestock guardian dog wisdom.)

In any case, this is a foal needing intensive care - and thank goodness she's strong enough for us to do it here - but she's going to need all the crossed fingers and prayers that I know you guys can muster... my vet said "This is what happens when you get everything you wanted in a foal!" - please help me keep her with us!

This is Brenda holding Abbie last night...



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Very pretty little filly, I will be praying for her to keep strong and getting better soon.
She sure is a cutie!!!

We just had our own ordeal with a new filly, so I know where you

are coming from...

Our filly is now doing Great, I hope your does the same!

Best Wishes from KY!!
She will be in my prayers! We had our own hard start filly who's doing awesome now just 1 week out. I hope your girl will also be a fast one for catching up!!! She is adorable

PS Ours had 2 plasma transfers and a week of Naxcel shots 2x a day but obviously, it is worth it!!!
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Will be praying that the plasma does the trick! She looks like a little fighter!
OoooMG. She is so sweet. I know her loving Mommy will take good care of this special little one. Many many prayers that she grows strong and eats well for you. She is beautiful! Just love her.You are so blessed to have such a lovely little baby.

It is so great to know y'all are praying for Abbie.
If snuggles and love were enough to heal her, Karen & I would have it covered but as that isn't enough, we really appreciate y'all sending any prayers, good thoughts, positive energy and anything else you can think of her way. Karen is going to do eveything possible to get Abbie through this and I'm going to help in any way I can. Thanks again!
are you sure that date is right? I bred our mare on Aug 21 and it puts her at 233 days gestation on calculations...anyway prayers are out to DEAR ABBY!
Karen, good luck with your beautiful filly!

We had a foal born last Thursday afternoon in the pasture at 292 days. Not only was he early but was a red bag too so that further complicated things.

Had the local vet out and they tubed the little guy several times and got him warmed up from a body temp of 95 to 99.3. He was very wobbly, especially in his back legs but he seemed to be doing well. We were milking the mare and bottle feeding him but during the night he took a turn for the worse becoming listless and his body temperature started falling despite heat lamps, a heating pad and several blankets. I called several vets and they said he needed a neo natal unit where he could be cared for. We decided to take him to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and left about 4am Saturday morning. It was a 5 hour drive but he made it and the vets were waiting for us.

They immediately put him on fluids and drew blood. His abdomen was slightly bloated so they put a tube down to test him for reflux but he was fine. His navel had been treated with Nolvasan but it had a place that began spurting blood as he was being handled and they had to tie it off.

His IGG was 400 so he had 300cc plasma and that brought it up to slightly less than 800 so he had another 300cc the following day. He began nursing yesterday and has gotten his sucking reflex back. He is being given antibiotics - amikacin and penicillin.

The daily reports from the University have been good and yesterday he was even bucking a little. Besides guarding for infection the most serious thing is his legs. They are cartlidge, not bone yet and he will need support bandages until they mature and will have to be kept confined until they do.

If everything continues to go well he may be able to come home Saturday.
Many prayers being said for that sweet little baby. She is absolutely adorable. Wishing you all the best with her.

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