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Nov 7, 2004
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Fort Collins Colorado
Am I crazy because I need to take care of my horses stall before I do anything else? I actually love to re-bed the stall because its such a feeling of accomplishment, and when your horses are all clean, and then roll in the nice new shavings, that smell good... anyways, I will let you get to posting!



Can you tell who the true showhorse is? I told him yesterday to get his Mr. Mantastic butt back in his stall, and he did. He looks like such a sissy, I can't help but smile at him!
I like your green panels for your stalls, where did you get them and are they expensive? Also are those laundry baskets for the hay? I have been using milk crates but they are getting broken and need to be replaced I like the laundry basket idea too.
This is my horse at my grandpa's!! But now were home:( She LOVED it there and she had a big Bay horse freind:) They cried when I loaded her in the trailer:(



I agree with you, I like to have her stalls clean so she dosent have to live in her own poop and pee!! if I had a HUGE pasture it would not bug me as bad!!

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me too & if for some reason i don't have time to clean then i will put them in another stall that is clean! lol

i like ur green mesh whire stall wall things too, i want to get some to for when i take my mini out in to the public

so tell us where u got it!

Ummm. my mom bought those panles from an alpaca breeder out here in Colorado. They are Daybreak Criations. I can give out information if anyone really wants.

Yes RnRs Lilnickers, those laundry baskets are for hay. I don't like the idea of them eating their shavings and whatnot.