Pony Bloodline- anyone know these?

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Sarah's Little Blessings

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Jan 22, 2007
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Hello, I have been waiting to post this for quiet a while, I have been doing research, but can't seem to find anything on the BHR Shetlands/Miniatures? I have a little mare whose dam goes back to the following:

BHR Lana BHR Big Jack Shetland: Daytona's Timex

Shetland: Daytona's Cover Girl

Shetland:BHR Mae Dawn Shetland: Daytona's Timex

Shetland:Larigos Mae Dawn

Any pictures? Information??

I just love to research.

Thanks in advance-Sarah

P.S. I know that BHR's Geshan (I believe I got his name correct, sorry if I don't) was so beautiful! Not sure if its the same lines or not? TTYS-Sarah
Not sure how up to date this is but here you go


C/o Elke Oberlaender

P.O. Box 258

Mt. Sterling, IL 62353

(217) 257-3266

Email: [email protected]

Please contact us for sales list.

The Home of the Original Seth Thomas Collection since 1952. Double registered ASPC Div. A/AMHR Div. A & B. Breeders of Classic Shetlands and Miniatures.
Elke no longer owns the ponies sarah. She sold out her herd about i'd say 9 or 10 years ago. She is a good friend of Jenese's. She may be able toget you the info you want.

Dale Lutke bought out the last of her herd and ha\s been promoting the Seth Thomas collection and he is another good one for info.

BHR JC's Geshan is owned by Sweet Opal at www.sweetopalminiatures.com

He is a beautiful horse and of course was the 2006 National GRAND CHAMPION STALLION OVER.

He is producing some really nice offspring as well. I am sure Jennifer would love to share any info she has on his lines with you.
Thanks you guys! The information has been really helpful! I can't believe she is one of those "Seth Thomas" collection horses(well at least around 1/4th of her)

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