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Aug 18, 2003
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Ho boy ho boy ho boy,my brain is racing this morning,remember the mare that I have here on a trial basis(stupid stupid me!) well after the x-ray and the special shoes she is not better ,so I cannot buy her,here is two picture of her:


I'm trying to have the owner gave her up to a rescue centre ,it doesnt seems to work,they want to pick her up and sell her at meat market what is the price of the meatmarket? shes about 1250 pounds,and I am in quebec canada. If I could get the money to buy her maybe then i can place her somewhere,I found a neat place not far from here check them out at :

fauna fondation

I'm still waiting for a answer from them,I'm not sure if they can take her or not,I know I know I'm going too fast ,I'm looking like someone who is trying to start a rescue centre right?LOL

If they agree to take her ,do you think that we can raise the money for her here? I know you dont know me personaly ,maybe we can name someone that all of you know and we could mail a check directly at the rescue centre(fauna)? That way it will be like they are buying her from the owner or something like that? Any rescue people here that could help me think or come up with idea?

Ok I'm just going to breath now

The owner want to pick her up this week so time is ticking for her,look at that sweet face,she cannot end up in someones plate right?


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ginny i asked too but have never heard back. I know there have to be some canadian equine rescues. pascale have you done a net search?
Hi sorry guys but I did answer on the other forum since there was no answer on this side,the owner would take 600CAD or the price of the meat market ,then I have to find her a good home ,but so far nothing available,I was looking for a sanctuary not a rehoming place,and the sanctuary are full,I still have someone here in quebec that is suppose to call me back so maybe...I still have the problem of the 600$ also. Its a nightmare I keep seeing her waiting in line for her turn at the slaughter house in a overcrowded truck
I'm running out of time the owner is suppose to pick her up this week,she said she will call me first but I'm affraid that she will send somoene without telling me first
Pascale, where is the mare located in Quebec. What are her health issues, what needs to be done to keep her comfortable, how old is she, do you know?
Update. Pascale called me last night as I haven't been online due to the fact I am babysitting my grandaughter for 2 weeks. The mare was picked up Sunday by owner from Pascale and directly handed over to the meat buyer who also showed up at Pascale with a cheque. The mare was brought to Montreal slaughter house this morning
. I wish I would have had another week I would have bought the mare and brought her here to live out the rest of her days, she was only 12!!!! I can't believe this owner, I am furious that people would give so little thought to the years that this mare gave this woman and to be dumped like this. These kinds of people should never own animals!!!!

Pascale, giving you a big hug as I know you are hurting right now in not being able to get help for this mare.
Oh no
what a terrible ending. I just can't understand why the "owner" couldn't wait just a little longer

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