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Apr 14, 2005
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Orangefield, Texas
Especially if they were shown later. I just think it's soooo great to see these little guys found and living a new life of leisure. Y'all saw our little guy on my previous post... I'd like to see some of yours...Thanks in advance!

Chris B.
Here is how I got my stallion Kalideoscope in 2/03...He was very thin, no hair and outside everyday without even a blanket and full of worms....


After 6 months he looked like this...


Sadly Scope passed away this past Feb. of unknow reasons, vet didn't even know. Here is the last picture I have of Scope... this pic was taken about a day and a half before he passed ...

This is Darth. Kaykay and I found him, and others (the others were rescued by Chances) at a junkyard tied to tractors, old cars, etc... standing in nothing but weeds with only that to eat, and no water. All of them were in horrible shape, and this picture doesn't really show how ribby Darth was, nor his spine that stuck up. I had also already detangled, and deburred his mane and tail that were full of cockelburs.


This is him now.


I've often thought about showing him, maybe next year. Money hasn't worked out for us to show much at all this year, and I'd like to give him another year to really settle in anyway. He's SUCH a sweetie considering that he'd lived in that horrible situation all his life (he's 12 now). At least he'd never been physically abused (as in beaten, or things like that). But even having never gotten any attention, it's amazing he loves people the way he does.

We'd considered selling him for awhile here because we just don't have the mares for him, and he has great potential... but after trying for awhile, I realized I really don't want to sell him. He's such a grand little dude, and I want to be sure he has a great home forever if I can.
Wow... you did a wonderful job!!! I'm sorry to hear of Scope's passing. We had a riding gelding that we had helped and when he passed in January, we told the kids that App had been such a great guy that Jesus needed him in heaven to give rides up there...
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I forgot about this till you mentioned it but a few weeks after Scope passed I had a dream of a horse pulling a cart and it was Scope...OMG it shocked me, I think it was his way of letting me know everything is ok and that he is givin god rides.

OK...tears now
Here is the first full-sized horse I ever owned. Apache was a buckskin Frame Overo Mustang stallion that my cousin gave to me, as he was not being cared for properly where he was being boarded. You could see all his ribs & hipbones stuck out dramatically! He was being kept on a small pasture with over 20 other horses that had been grazed down to nothing! They got no additional feed or hay...just had to pick thru the weeds for whatever they could get.


Here are pictures of Apache after he was with us for a few months....



Actually, I probably let him get a bit TOO chunky.
Apache turned out to be a nice little riding horse. He is what started my love of Overos, over 25 years ago!
This is Lady when we first rescued her in January 2004


This is Lady 6 months later:


This is Lady a couple of months ago:


This is Little Man in January 2005 when we first rescued him:


This is Little Man a couple of months ago:

Congratulations to all of you who have been a Godsend for the precious horses. They are all beautiful! I'm sure you'll all have an extra star in your crown for all the love, committment, and hard work. So sorry for the losses; but be assured that these little darlings left this world knowing they were truly loved and showed their gratitude by giving unconditional love in return. You certainly made a difference!

God bless you all,

This is Gunny...I went to look at a mini mare she had for sale, found this poor little guy tied to a tree, standing in muddy stagnet water, with moldy hay and cow feed for food. I asked her to let me try to save him, but she wanted top dollar for him. So I paid her her price. Took him straight to the vet, ( vet was closed, so he agreed to meet us there ). He was sooo weak I had to ride in the trailer with him and hold him up. (45 miles ) He weighed 65 lbs. The vet didn't give him a good chance to survive. Which I expected. His teeth were soooo long he had chewed thru his cheecks!! But thought he would at least have a loving and kind touch in his final days. He was at the vets for 9 days. He was 12yrs. when I bought him, he is now almost 15yrs. She would not give me the papers on him, which was fine. I just wanted him to know that not all people were cruel.

Gunny before...

Guns now..For some reason the pic blurred some..
This is Peanut about a year ago when he was still at the rescue barn.


and this is Peanut a little while ago. Now a VERY spoiled little man!


ALL of you folks need to be APPLAUDED!!!!!

I was sorry to read about Scope. I'm just glad he ended his life knowing love and caring.

A different kind of before and after.... this is Billie BEFORE the neglect, after the neglect, and recovering from the neglect. I'll try to get some more updated pics for you soon, these are only a few weeks after he started his recovery.

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Here is Sandy.She is a real sweetie and is so happy now. Hope the pics work as I`m not real good at this yet.




I don't have one to share, but I did want to add my THANK YOU to all who have helped out these little guys.

You have all done a GREAT job!!!!

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