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Mar 10, 2007
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Brown City,MI
I am so excited to announce the arrival of "Pleasant Views OH Mia Mya" "Mya" Is a gorgeous silver filly by our main herdsire JNR's Medicine Man and my best show mare Broadways Colors Luck Be A Lady "Risky"

This fillys arrival to the world is a story all in itself,

Well after several sleepless nights and worry my maiden was past due no bag at all but I knew she had to be getting close finally on April 3rd when I was doing my morning check before I let the pregnant mares out I noticed that Risky finally had the sticky syrupy milk! Finally we are getting somewhere, I was thinking but she kept on eating as if everything was normal, We had to run errands that day to prepare for the possible foaling and my sister was starting to feel ill so we took her home checked the mares that I left inside that were close there was no change so we made our last stop just 15 min. from our house on our way back we were just 10 min. away my sister called said that Risky was pushing! We were just panicked thinking of everything that could go wrong and my sister has never actually helped deliver a foal she's just 13!

She's always watched from the side, She also wants to be a vet someday.

My mom just told her to make sure that she gets the sack off. Needless to say I've never gotten home so fast we had to make sure that we weren't going too fast because getting pulled over wouldn't have been fun.

The enormous skid marks in front of our barn says otherwise

It ended up being a textbook delivery she was already out when we got there.
My sister did a great job and I'm proud of her.

This filly is a dream of mine I've been waiting for her for quite some time her legs go for miles and she already knows how to use them she also carries her head high, she knows shes special!

If anyone has any opinions on her color that would be greatly appreciated her sire and dam are pictured below I wasn't expecting this silver she has no appy characteristics

Mya outside just 2 days old




Mya's sire JNR's Medicine Man


Mya's dam Broadways Colors Luck Be A Lady


Thank You for letting me share!

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Hey, congratulations!!

The sire must carry the silver gene, it just isn't apparent since he is also a leopard. I bred a mare to a leopard stallion once that carried the silver gene, AND he was actually a pintaloosa but you couldn't tell from just looking at him. It was interesting.

Glad to hear all went well, congrats again!!
Congratulations!!! She's a doll! She looks silver to me
Tell your little sister CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done! Congrats to all on your beautiful new filly. She looks to be a silver black.
Oh!!!! She is so cute!!!!!!!! And her parents are beautiful, too
Congratulations on her
Very pretty little girl, and she can strut her stuff. Congrats!
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Oh! Jessica she is a little beauty and I have to say she is a silver as well. Her color looks just like my pinto mare and I always describe her as a chocolate silver.

Thank you everyone for your compliments on Mya I love her, I knew she's a silver of some variation but it was definantly a surprise, if she was going to be born solid, I was expecting black. She's definately very active she couldn't stand still for many decent pictures it was all running and trotting and mom was getting very upset
needless to say she didn't stay out very long
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Congratulations, that sure is a pretty little girl. It will be interesting to see her as she matures and gets her mature colour. Great name too.
Congratulations, she is a real cutie!

Bet you are all very proud of Brettina!!

[SIZE=12pt]Yippee!! She's lovely!! I love being the Grandma to such a beautiful baby girl!!! She sure can MOVE! Go lil' Sis, great job!!...and I LOVE her name of course

~For those who don't know, Broadway horses are bred & raised here at Flying A Farm, but are owned by my Sister & her Partner
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