Pics of the long-haired mini Dachshunds

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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
My sister's little girl Sophie had her first litter of pups 6 weeks ago already. She had 3 - 2 males and a female. Mom is a silver dapple and dad is a black and tan. She got one black and tan and 2 chocolate dapples out of the deal - all long haired too. Now I have to admit I am not much of a Dachshund fan but who can resist a 6 week old puppy?? They are absolute little balls of love! The chocolate male (my fav) is already sold. Here they are at 5 weeks old:



The chocolate female and black and tan male:


My fav - the chocolate male (new owners named him Elvis):

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OHHHH MYYYY what cute lil babies!!! I love them when they are that small

I have a long haired doxie, but he is 5 and def not a puppy anymore. Actually right now he is sporting his summer cut and isn't long haired at all.

My parents have 2 mini doxies but they are short haired and the little female is terror on wheels she is so spoiled. I honestly can't imagine a day without a doxie, they are just one of the most hilarious breeds out there.
Oh my!
I LOVE the chocolate puppies!!

My black/tan short hair female had a litter last summer sired by my silver dapple.. ended up with 5 pups, a chocolate dapple long hair female, a black/tan short hair male, black/tan long hair female, and two short hair silver dapples (one male and one female) I kept the long hair black/tan and my grandparents have the long hair chocolate dapple

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