Personalized Plates / Vanity License Tags Anyone?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
I love personalized car plates and have them on our vehicles. We just swtiched my main tags over to my new car. We had to wait for the paperwork to catch up at DMV and it finally did, so H switched them from my SUV to the new ride today and took a picture:


In VA, we can also select "Special Interest" plates for all kinds of things, and as you can see, I have the horse enthusiast plates on my car.

Our Ford F150 truck also has horse enthusiast plates and it says WNY4ME. Gooseneck trailer plates say WHNY4ME and bumper pull trailer plates say WNY4ME 2.

What about you? Do you guys have personalized plates? Or seen any neat ones lately?
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Yes I have personalized plates on my 1999 siverado 2500 that pulls my trailer, and my main drive. I don't have pictures but my plates are: "TonkaTK", for tonka truck, my big boy! I've had people come up to me at the gas stations and remark about my plates!
I like the tonka tags! What does your silverado say?

Edit: DUH moment for me... I thought you were saying you have a silverado and a TONKA truck and I was thinking that's Toyota's truck until the post below reminded me that's TUNDRA and TACOMA from Toyota and it's TONKA's for little boys! I love your TONKA plate idea!!! That is very cute. Sorry I was slow off the mark there at first
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Delaware is to expensive for vanity plates so i dont waste the money, maybe when i move to a different state I might get one on my mustang and my tacoma pickup. But I want to get STNGGRL for the mustang (thats my nickname in the car world) and TOYTACO for the tacoma (TOYota TACOma,some people dont know :p)
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I like both of those ideas, too!

In VA, you can go onto the DMV site and play around with plate ideas to see how they'd look and what's available. I wish I could come up with one I like for some of our other cars, but so far I haven't. One bad thing about the horse enthusiast plates is that with them, you can only have 6 characters / spaces. With the plain tags, you can have 7.
NOt sure what you mean, but usually he says, zoom, zoom, let go, especially when we are pulling the trailer up a mountain! Seems like my truck is an extention of me! I love him, and athough I know he is just a vehicle I talk to him, and pet his dashboard! Crazy huh? MY husbands truck is a 1994 silverado and named "FRed" we love him too. But, he doesn't have vanity plates as he is a work truck and too proud to wear them, they may hurt his image! But, Tonka wears his plates proudly and boasts about his heritage, and when people come up to us and remark about his plates, he gleames with pride! Then when we leave he really struts his stuff! You should see him in action! It is a site to behold.
OH, I understand naming cars... my family does it. My new ride is Ruby, but it's a he not a she. Harvey hasn't named his cars. My dad's are Whitey and Blackie and my mom's Sterling. All color related, and that is how we refer to them with each other -- by name!

I was confused on what you were saying about the truck. I thought you had two (blonde moment of not at first getting what a TONKA truck is... I thought it was a toyota when I first posted, and that you had a toyota and a silverado. I edited the post but it's probably still confusing, because I was confused LOL!
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Lets make this fun, my Tonka Truck is so much fun, I've folded up my walker and hide it behind my dresser, but when I'm behind the wheel, look out. I love to go to town, those young upstarts with their fancy whatevers, reving up at the lights, I love it. Who ever is with me tightens their seat belts, and holds on, cause they know what is coming. I have a V8 vortec, heavy duty trans. look out kids I'll challenge you any day, and win. I love my Tonka Truck, and the power it gives me! Granny's got the power!
LOL!!! I can relate. Our F150 has the big Triton 5.4L V8 and (to me anyway!) it's big. It has the flare side and is pretty but what I love most about driving it is how much I feel like a horsewoman when I do! I love that it has bumper and gooseneck hitches. I love it's got usually a bit of loose hay in the bed. I love my horse decals on it. ANYTIME I see a truck, I look to see if it's a horse person (you know, we can spot each other). I just feel extra horsey when I drive that truck
I remember when i was little i had a friend whose mom's suburban had on the front CUONXC and one day I figured it out lol "See You On Cross Country" because we were eventers.
I like that one, too!

I've seen "2thdr" (tooth doctor), all kinds of names and initials... I love seeing plates on the road and trying to figure out what they mean
I don't have vanity plates, but hubby does... "LT R BK" My mom figured it out before I did.
I like one my cousin had for an old land rover..... "mudpupy", I think the very very all time best vanity plate I have seen was in VA. They have specialty plates like the wildlife, alumni, special was a Kids first plate, it features a white plate with a set of kids handprints on the left , one red,one blue looks like they are done with finger paint and the bottom edge of each of these plates are stamped with "kids first" the vanity portion was "EAT-THE" so it actually read


Kids First
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I've had 2 different vanity plates, but haven't gotten one since I've moved to Florida.

My 1st one was "N ANGEL" (an angel), because one of my email addy's is "angelbrat" (and long story where that came from), but when I got tired of it, I changed it to "PFFT" (like making a "raspberry sound")

If we ever get new vanity plates it will probably be "LVLMINI" for our farm.

As far as names of vehicles goes, until we bought our new truck, we had never named a vehicle before, but since we had named our GPS ("Fiona") and our truck was red, we named her "Reba".

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I don't have personalized plates nor do I name our vehicles...but like Linda my gps has a name....Cecilia!
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭

Oh Cecilia, you're breaking my heart

You're shaking my confidence daily

Oh, Cecelia, I'm down on my knees

I'm begging you please to come home

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭

I was given vanity plates several years ago as a gift. They say 'ESROH'....which is also where I got the idea for my kennel name!

GPS has a name know like Simon Says, only we have always had the female voice on ours!


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