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Adell Equine

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Dec 14, 2007
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Breeders/owners do you add your minis to allbreedpedigree or just use the data base?

I am wondering because I have found the allbreed to be great.

I am trying to look up information on Hale Farms Big Kahuna, and Subres Fancy Showgirl sire and dam of my 08 colt.
Yes there are some miniatures on allbreed, but the two you have listed are not.. I'm slowly adding our herd on there as I think the sites really nice and it's so nice to be able to go there plug in a name and get a 5 generation pedigree, look-up siblings and progeny and so much more if you sign up.
slowly small equine are being added to It is heavily used by the stock registries. But it is a personal choice to add your horses to it.

I quick put in this horse. All breeds is my favorite out of all registry data bases that I have. It gives so much information in one screen.

I don't have much time to "play" on the computer so I started this one


Check back later tonight and hopfully I'll have a chance to sit down again and put it in.

A couple years back I put tons of minis in the All Breeds data base. I would add them as far back as I could, including their shetland lineage. There were times it would take me 1/2 hour to add one horse. It is what I did when killing time before the next night check. The problem with All Breeds is the fact that anyone can go in and alter the pedigree and unless you know your horses pedigree inside and out you most likely would never catch it.
sdmini - Thanks!

I have been adding our big horses to allbreed. But I don't know the minis that well so I didn't want to add then until I know the pedigrees better.

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