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Apr 23, 2007
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One of my mares overuns me when im show training her. She trots beside me beautifully until we have to turn. When we turn I have to push her in the right direction. What is the best way to teach her what im wanting her to do. Do I just do it at a walk then build up to a trot when she gets the hang of it? What about at a walk when she does it what should I be doing?

Any help would be appreciated

Which way are you turning|??

Horses are "handed" just as people, so if you turn into her "bad" side she will be harder to shift over.
I always tell my horses exactly what I want them to do. If I want them to turn, I will say "turn", if I want them to trot "trot" and so forth. I start turning at a walk until they do it voluntarily when I give the command and that makes it easier when we are trotting. Also, teaching them to trot and walk on voice command is helpful in the show ring. Hubby tells them to "walk" to the judges, "trot" away, "turn" when necessary and then they "park" and "stand". Takes a bit of time, but worth it to us. It also helps when learning to drive. I can get my horses into a trot by telling them and then getting them to trot faster by telling them to "pick it up". Slow back down by saying "easy" and "walk" when needed and again, "park" comes in handy. They also know what "back up" means.

Good luck

Thanks for the replies!

At the moment she needs alot of basic training on the lead. (shes my new mare and very cute but hasnt been trained alot)

Rabbitsfizz - She is great if we are doing a large circle and shes on the outside she turns beautifully but when shes on the inside she tends to push into me and I have to push her into the turn. Didnt know they had prefered sides!

Dannigirl - I like the voice commands I have been teaching her walk and trot (which shes getting better at) also stand and backup aswell. Never thought about "turn" will definately incorperate it.

Think I may have to slow it down and teach her at a walk first.

Thankyou both

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