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Nov 30, 2002
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We left on Friday and came home late Monday night (or I should say Tuesday morning) and made a mad dash back to Tulsa yesterday to pick up our two new horses and Lita that Mr. Curry showed for us. We did a lot of shopping and saw some very nice horses, in the arena and just walking around in the barns. I do wish we could go and stay the whole time.

We had a pretty good show, our yearling over mare, Curry's Estrellita, got a National Top 7 in Amateur, and a National Top 5 in her open class. I just think she is so beautiful, and she showed very well. Jay had the camera with him and took some pics in the arena, here she is with Chasta on Sunday-


LIta 2

and here are our two new ones we just met this past weekend, they both got National Top 9 in their open classes. The weanling filly is Curry's Saturday Night Special and the weanling colt is Curry's Poco Diablo who is a full brother to Lita above.

National pic

National pic 2

*I had to go in and fix the pictures and couldn't remember which I posted first, the filly is first and the colt is second.

Going to Nationals is just amazing, I absolutely love it. My pocketbook can't handle it and we go for such a short time we squeeze so much into those few days that my body is having a hard time handling it. With all the walking my legs are killing me.
But I would go back tomorrow if I could!

Congratulations to all who had wins!!!
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I agree your Lita is beautiful as are your two new babies. Gary and I did the same kind of mad dash flying out after work on Friday and back on Monday. We are hoping to make a week of it next year but pocketbooks and bosses will have some say in that. It is such a long trip from Florida.
Congrate's!! That is great you did so well! I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Your Lita horse!
WOW!! Just awesome!!
Terri and Chasta,


I am so happy for you on all your wins! Your horses all look so beautiful.....that Lita is REALLY something special!

We have good taste......
notice I said we......
I see your new girl Saturday Night Special and I remember asking Jim about her. I just knew she'd do well.......
I sure like your show string! Keep up the good work.
Thank you, Jim had a hard time letting them both go I think
That Splash is throwing some pretty babies. The hard part for me is waiting until next year to unwrap them after they have had all winter to mature up some more. Will be like Christmas all over again in April.

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