Our Special departed Stallion has left his Legacy....

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Nov 30, 2002
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JUST before midnight, a mare of our breeding, "Mini V Escapades Bay Berry", foaled out a wonderful little bay colt..........I swear she read all the books about how to do it. His daddy is "Sooner State Raider Light", the stallion we lost last December, so this little guy is very very special for us.


Larry has written a very nice BLOG on his My Space site about our new fellow's first two hours and the steps we normally do at birth. I'm including a link to that. Warning -- it's photo heavy! I've taken a few more pictures today of the colt unfolding, (that hopefully come out) and Larry will probably add one or two of them later. Here's the link to the Blog (please don't laugh at my nighttime sweats!) :

**Editing to add that Larry has posted some new photos I took on his Blog. He takes better ones, IMO. **

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MA~ He looks like a showstopper!! I cannot wait to meet him. I am going to check out the blog right now. What a wonderful and beautiful little colt to take over daddys place one day.
I love the part about her "looking" for her baby! That's too funny!
What a beautiful baby! Congratulations.

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Congrats! Love the "Picture Story".

This is just want you needed! I am so happy for you!!

He is adorable!!


I am SOOOO glad you have him!! :)

And he is so beautiful!

Susan O.
That is wonderful, this little guy is awesome. What a wonderful thing to have a part of your boy still with you in this lovely little foal.

Congratulations and hope the rest of his babies are just as beautiful.
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I love the part about her "looking" for her baby! That's too funny!
That was amazing for us! She smelled the amniotic fluid and was assuming her baby was back there! We'd never witnessed that before..........
Congratulations, what a wonderful legacy for your stallion to have left you.
This is so wonderful.


Raider was one of my old time favorites. In fact, I made sure to put "Raider" in our very first foals name in his honor (that foal is 14 now!)

There's nothing better than getting a SON of a most beloved stallion! I'm SO happy for you!!!!

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