Our new colt from Ravenwood

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Dec 11, 2002
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Since we had such bad luck with our filly this year, we didn't have a jr horse for next year to show. So while at Ravenwood, Samantha saw this colt and just loved him. So he is now ours. Introducing Ravenwood Aristocrats Steel Nights. A May 2008 colt sired by SRF Aristocrat and out of daughter of the L&D Scout son, Fallen Ash Scouts Night Of Stars. This cross has proven to be very nice.

Here he is at about two weeks old.


And here he is last week at two months old. Thank you Robin for such wonderful photos of Wylie. And a huge thank you to Craig & Bryan for allowing us to get this colt.

Very nice! Congratulations Samantha!
OMG!!!! He is just gorgeous
would you look at that face and his neck
You definitely have a winner in that boy
Wow what a nice boy Congrats, funny how one will catch your eye and steal your heart. Will he be solid grey???
He should be solid grey, but not totally white. His dam has alot of black in her mane and tail and his grandsire was grey but with alot of dark hairs on his body. His sire is black. But I don't care what color he ends up being, we think he is beautiful and can't wait to get him home. We still haven't decided if he will stay a colt or if we will geld him. Either way, we will be pleased.
So So Handsome! I, as you probably know, have a Ravenwood-bred boy (pictured in avatar): Ravenwood Medalions Royalty. Those guys breed some nice ones
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He is beautiful, Karen!!! Congratulations!!!

Aristocrat is producing some quality foals for Ravenwood, and your colt is living proof. Your Wylie looks a lot like Aristocrat did when he was a baby.

Best of luck with him next year!!!!
Your colt is very striking and certainly has the look that is winning today!

Congrats and good luck with him you should do very well with him. I agree too.........any color on a good horse is a great color.

I can't believe that's the same colt I saw three weeks ago !!

WOW !!!

There has got to be something in Ravenwood's water this year - their foals are gorgeous - including the one I bought. HA !!

Ravenwood rocks !!!

Give me a grey horse anyday! I love that color.

He is gorgeous. You are going to be bringing home the ribbons with that one. Congratulations!
Beautiful colt! He looks like he's ready to walk in the showring already.


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