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Oct 1, 2011
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Sugarloaf, PA
We had Ginny here at the end of August for our 2012 photoshoot. We are so happy with her photos (will be adding many more). Several of our new horses never got on our website so we put some time into it and got it all updated. Check it out! We also have last 2 foals we never announced but we will do so as soon as we can. Below are just some photos of our boys.

CMC Eagle's Evensong - junior stallion (son of Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout)


CMC Eagle's Imperator - junior stallion (son of Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout)


Fallen Ash Scout's Downtown Brown (son of L&D Scout)


CMC Sir Galahad (son of Thousand Oaks Sirs Lancelot)

WOW! What absolutely stunning horses! I am currently looking.... Going to check your website right now
Sisters, you have an outstanding group of miniature horses. You should be very proud!
Thank you all for your compliments! We worked hard on building up our herd with a nice quality horses. But I have to say that we are reaping the benefits of many years of labor of breeders as yourselves. We hope to keep improving and hopefully achieve a level others can build on in the future.

MindyLee - the little filly is named Blessing Of Life because we almost lost her. She passed out about 30 minutes after a very quick and normal birth (was already walking) and stopped breathing. We had to gice her CPR (thanks to the article on Pacific Pintos website) and she responded. In 10 minutes she was already moving around. Our vet can't figire out what caused it.

Diane - yes, we should have several cash babies running around. I hope they look similar to little Blessing.

Becky - we own a half sister to your stallion Imppresive. Her name is Lucky Four Santa Fe Certain Sumethin.
Your miniature horses are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am new to minis so I am learning so much here and I love looking at everyone's websites!! So happy your little miracle "Blessing of Life" made it!! She no doubt will be a very special little filly!!
Gorgeous horses, wonderful photos...can't wait to meet them all again soon and visit with you too of course!
The last two foals that were born after my spring visit are beautiful!
Misty'sMom - thank you! Little Bessie (as we call her) is indeed special and she knows it

Kim - thank you! We are looking forward to your visit. I think you will enjoy these last two little girls!

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