Our first parade! Timber was a star! (well, a snowflake haha) (PICS)

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Lil Timber Buck

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Sep 17, 2011
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Southeast TN
We decided to put Mr. Timber into a Christmas parade this year and the downtown Chattanooga parade seemed to be fitting! I made a costume for him at the last minute and we hung glitter bags on his back to hold books to hand out to the children at the parade. He has never been in a city or around thousands of screaming kids, sirens, costumed people, SANTA, etc...he did GREAT!! We were so happy to be in it. He and my friend Michelle's mini Remington were the only minis in the whole parade so the kids went nuts. I think they liked us better than Santa. Next year I will spend more time making the costume look better and fit better, but he makes anything look cute. What a stud muffin!


As you can see, after the parade the outfit had began to fall apart, we were TIRED and ready to head back to the barn.


The boys back at the trailer



I can't wait until we can pull a cart in a parade. That will be fun too!!! Way to go Timber and Remy!
They both look adorable! I bet folks did go crazy for them!
Awesome looking. Parades and events are so much fun to do with your horses.

I call it quality time with them.

Great job.
Nice job on the costumes and book hand outs! Glad you all had so much fun! We froze Sat night watching our first Snowflake Festival parade here, just so I could see what they do and judge if we can possibly be in it next year. Stoopid me, I was waiting until we could drive. Walking in costume looks even better! And warmer!
Thank you soo much for the sweet comments and replies!! You guys are the best. We had a blast and plan to do many more in the future! Merry Christmas everyone!
Love the outfits!! Parades can be so much fun. I am a parade-a-holic! I could go every weekend if they were there to do.
He is adorable. I did a christmas parade with my mini and her cart. It was so much fun we did the homecoming parade also and can't wait till Mardi Gras. He is s adorable with his little snowflakes in his mane. The kids really love the mini's I think because they are so close to their size their not so intimidating as the big horses.

Here's a pic of my little girl can't wait to do the Mardi Gras she's going to bling for that oneparade1.jpg

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