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  1. I AM Ranch

    Fiesta Bowl parade fun

    We are a unorganized group of fun in the Fiesta Bowl parade, but the crowd loves the minis. In much of this footage, you will see how this huge crowd loves interacting and touching the minis. Mickey is almost 3 months old, so I kept him away from the hands, but they loved seeing him. We take a...
  2. Lil Timber Buck

    Our first parade! Timber was a star! (well, a snowflake haha) (PICS)

    We decided to put Mr. Timber into a Christmas parade this year and the downtown Chattanooga parade seemed to be fitting! I made a costume for him at the last minute and we hung glitter bags on his back to hold books to hand out to the children at the parade. He has never been in a city or around...
  3. Field-of-Dreams


    We won Best Non-commercial Equestrian Unit in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights!! We had some super horses and people with us: Jane drove her stallion Redrock Lots O Spots, Val Shingledecker drove her stallion Thousand Oaks Yashicas Monet, I drove my gelding JEM Canadian Sunrise, my friend...