Our first Congress & first championship !!!

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Nov 27, 2009
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Cameron, NC
Handstands & cartwheels!!! (which I can't do, LOL)

I managed to make it to ASPC Congress. Our colt was already there in the capable hands of Excaliber Stables (Jason & Brenda Prince).

Brenda showed Wizard (Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard) to a

3rd in his Foundation Futurity Class (yearling stallion)

Reserve Champion in multicolor stallions, Classic.

Grand Champion Foundation Yearling Stallion

Reserve Champion Foundation Jr Stallion

Reserve Champion Foundation Stallion (OVERALL!!)


Thanks go out to Excaliber Stables. What a great introduction for our family into the world of Shetland showing and at our first Congress too.


MY PICTURE from way outside the ring with my little ol' camera. What a character he is!! To see pro shots - https://www.caseymcbridephotography.com/ He was in classes - 5, 121, 126 and then in Championship classes 128 & 129.

We purchased Wizard in March - he went directly to Excaliber after they were recommended Buckeye WCF when I purchased him. We have 2 other ponies, 1 from our breeding program & 1 purchased in-utero when I purchased his dam, with another trainer who weren't quite ready to go to Congress so they stayed "home".

I will be at AMHR Nationals - a double registered filly of ours is being shown in Futurity by Herron STables.

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