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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Wow!!!! the competition was HUGE and tough! My girls were NOT cooperating in PMC halter or showmanship! lol Anyway here goes[/SIZE]

Michigans Sweet Tart....second in 2 year old colts behind Miniequines Fabulous little John.3rd in model behind little John and the Sawmill River Farm horse that won. Miniequine ( Sandy) also was reserve Jr Champion but she will post Im sure. We were stabled right across from each other!

Carbon Copy got 3rd in PMC showmanship, second in PMC halter and Second in her 30-32 Sr Mare class.

Her full sister Miss Independance day got 6th out of 11, Placeings 1-3 were Reece Family horses, 4-5 was Sawmill River Farm so 6th behind them was great I thought.]

My little Foundation Shetland Shirley T freaked in the pmc halter because mom freaked at the railwork......lol so we got third. She won her yearling class, was Jr Champion, and yes there was more than just her..... and then she went on to get Reserve grand . This was her very first show ever. I was very proud of her!

We will try to get the pics scanned tomorrow.

Oh Lyn, Congratulations! What an exciting show you had!
[SIZE=14pt]Those sound like GREAT results!!!! Congratulations, Lyn!!!!! Looking forward to the pictures, too [/SIZE]

It was so neat to meet you and see Bruce again! That was fun!!

Your horses are remarkable.

The Saw Mill River Farms horses are incredible too.

That was the first time I was at that facility. It is so nice.

Hope the traffic wasn't too bad for you coming home.

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Anxious to see pictures. It is fun to see what everyone is doing since we are not showing yet this year. Have a couple shows this year, but just haven't had time to prepare! Will be watching for pics! Lavonne
Congratulations Lyn! I wish I could have been there. Sounds like everyone had a good time.

[SIZE=14pt]Got a couple of candids from the getting ready part..... really was busy! Debbie Paul also took some so we will post as soon as she sends them to me. here are Full sisters Carbon and Indy waiting for their makeup. , Sweet tart was too pooped to care, and the white horse <Michigans Election Day Replay fondly known as Eddie is Sweet Tarts dad..... By the way, little Sweet Tart , all of two years old and pure shetland along with amhr measured in at 32 inches!!! same as nationals last year! I think he is done growing. Woooo Hoo. Show pics from the photographer will ge on tomorrow.[/SIZE]



now I know where Sweetie gets his butt from~

CONGRATS LYN!! Woohooo!!
You did a great job! Cant wait to see more pics

Congrats Lynn, it was a great show. My senior stallion took a third a fourth and a fifth. My B yearling colt won his class and took reserve junior B. We also won the amateur. My B yearling filly won her class, was reserve junior mare behind Peas awesome 2yr old Hawk daughter and then took reserve grans again behind Peas. She also won the amateur mare class so I was on cloud nine. I have to scan in my photos from the show. I will try to post them tomorrow. Congrats to everyone!

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