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Aug 31, 2003
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She likes to lie under my computer desk also.

Hard to believe she is 5 mos old already. She sits, she waits, she finds "it", comes "here" and "gimmees".

I use different commands for my training. I've always felt the German training had a good idea in that if another says a command like "come", the dog may not come to "me", but to them.

So I train with HERE to replace come, FIND IT in place of fetch, GIMMEE in place of drop and many others she will learn in time. She'll make a wonderful bird dog next year.

I gotta find some grouse, pheasant and quail feathers, to make a bait throw. I'm enjoying teaching her. I haven't bird trained a dog in over 10 yrs but she is very smart and willing. Fills the time left over with so many fewer minis now.

C & C Farms

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Sep 14, 2003
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Awwww.....she is adorable!!

We have a Black & White German Shorthair Pointer. We just love him. He loves those birds too!! We have a pond down back that he loves to go into too. Does your pup like the water?

I bet she'll pick right up on her training for birds...she looks like she's very smart!

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