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Apr 9, 2012
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[rant]...doesn't mean that you should saddle them incorrectly!

This morning there is a local craig's list ad (yes we all know that craig's list is full of these kinds of things, I dunno why I still look when I know it will usually be bad) that has a mini that is saddled (and looks to small to ride IMO, either that or OMG they've put a huge saddle on him, another GAH!) and the back cinch is flanking the poor pony!!! I would love to scream at this person!! GET A GIRTH/CINCH HOBBLE ALREADY!!!!!!!! tie a string, even a bailing twine would work, anything to keep the back girth off that poor pony's flank

And we wonder why pony's learn to buck and develop bad habits!!!

If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment then don't!!!!!!!! Rarely will a large horse need a back cinch, much less a mini who will NEVER be expected to drag a calf or get down in a cutting pen, just leave the dang thing off!!!!!!! If the saddle is rolling, get a better fitting saddle! if it still rolls, get a crupper! Or learn how to properly use it!

I won't even mention the pic where the pony was hooked to harness


Seriously as a public service announcement for anyone that doesn't know: back girths/cinches are used only to keep the back of the saddle from popping up in the back and the whole saddle from slipping forward when it does usually in cases where there are some extreme pressures are placed on the front of the saddle and is preferred to a crupper because the saddle still needs to be able to roll a little bit for the riders balance, for example: roping & cutting, working cow horse, where the horses is diving those shoulders way down below their haunches causing the slip forward and usually turning hard, hence the need to be able to roll a bit. Some mountain riding, it might also be necessary as well but a crupper usually works better for stabilizing the saddle.

If you do need to use it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that the back cinch is securely attached to the front girth, this prevents it from slipping into the horse's flank and essentially turning your horse into a bronc. Rodeo's intentionally flank horses to get them to buck. That's the strap of leather you see the pickup guy removes...notice how the horse usually just lopes away afterward??? even the most broke horse in the world will get hunched up when you flank them. They also should be fitted snug up against the horse's body so that a foot or tree branch or anything the horse comes close to doesn't get caught. This is a very dangerous situation on more than one count so please use it wisely.

Thanks for listening! I just had to get that out.


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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
Just because their little, doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated like "real" horses. They are!!! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who own minis and don't know much -- AT ALL -- about properly caring for or the right way to "use" a horse.

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