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Majestic Mini Mother
Sep 17, 2020
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I just wondered if anyone here has a saddle for their mini that actually fits? And if so, where did you get it, what kind is it?

We want to teach our son how to ride, so he can ride our mini's as long as he's light enough, if he wants to. We've been leading him around bareback on our 3 year old mini, every now and then, for now.

We will get a good bareback pad, because I know they can be a good way to learn to ride, but I would love to know if any of the new synthetic, lightweight, saddles are actually any good, and if there's any that actually fit miniature horses well enough to use regularly for a couple of years.

I searched forum history, and found a 3 year old thread about saddles that wasn't very encouraging. She was just looking for something for photos though, I'm wanting a usable saddle, and maybe in the last 3 years, some new saddles have come out.

She said the 8" saddle she tried was too small for her 36" mini. Our mini is also 36", and the saddles I looked at with a seat bigger than 8", seem like they'd be way too big for either of our horses. He has a 50" girth, and he's only 38" long from shoulder to point of hip. The pony saddles with 10"+ seats are 22" long, which seems like they'd be way too big.

Any advice appreciated! Thanks!

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