OK, now a Baylee daughter

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Stacy Score

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Dec 16, 2002
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Mountain Meadows Bey Finnesse - another beautiful daughter of Hidden Meadows Perfections Image (also the dam of Dusty in my other post) x Century Farms Bey Masquerade. Finnesse gave us her first baby this year - the pretty little appy that Ginny is buying - Just a Tease!
[SIZE=14pt]Very nice looking mare!!I like her color!
!I have always liked the name Finnesse!!She suits it!!
very pretty mare . Stacy who is taking these pics for you?

[SIZE=14pt]QUESTION!!Whats with the white board?Is it used to prick her ears?[/SIZE]
The white board looks like a reflector used to bounce light into shadows...most photographers use them...you just don't always see it.
Yes, Suzanne is close to right - the "white board" is actually a mirror - horses seem to like to look at themselves! And the photographer that is giving me all these wonderful pix is Jeff Little - he and his wife are a team that is hard to beat - wonderful folks, super nice, patient and they love to shoot the minis - they make their living mainly doing Arabs, but I am trying to get them hooked on the little guys - their phone number is (360) 985-2007.


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