ok I give up

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Nov 3, 2004
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First off I would like to thank Marty for being the only one out of 71 readers that could take the time to resond to my post.

I realize I am one of many gelding non show homes on this board but not once have my posts gotten any responses. I am not gonna pussy foot around and try and be polite as my questions are as important to me as anyone elses. My babies are my babies and I want to do the best I can to take care of them.

I sit here and read all the time and I learn but it is extemely disappointing when no one can bother to respond to the newbie who doesnt know anything that asks for help

Thank you all very much
Oh the next mini I will get will be a stud colt if not gelded already then a Gelding it will be
and I will not be showing but just having one as a spoiled pet.. You know the ones that I can bring in the house and maybe even take for a ride in the back seat of my car~!
I am also a lurker and dont respond to many posts because I am not an expert and dont want to tell someone something that is wrong but sometimes I do have to agree that if you arent a regular poster you dont get as many responses as those who are.Dont let that discourage you if you have a question about a certain subject try using the search feature. Often when I cant get a response from the forum the search pages hold the answer. Also right now there are many who have gone to nationals so many of the experts are not seeing the forum. The other thing is if someone sees that you have been answered and the answer is correct no one else will post. Just keep bumping up your question and Im sure someone will answer.
With 117 posts, I imagine someone is replying to your questions?

I don't even have a mini, but I used to, and my few horse-related questions get answered. I did a search of your posts, granted I only read through the first 6-10 or so, but it looks like you participate in many areas. If you aren't getting any response, perhaps it is your wording, or sometimes it seems the post could just get 'lost' within the forum/thread.(?) I posted a question this morning and had to search for that thread to find out if I had any answers. (I had 3).

As for people looking and not replying...maybe they didn't have anything to say?, maybe they were afraid to hare their opinion and have it criticized?, maybe they were just mildly interested and only wanted to read?,...who knows why people do or don't participate. You can't control other people, you can only control your own actions.


ps, when I said maybe it was your wording...I mean that if you aren't clear in the subject and info titles, people will HAVE to open it to see if it is something they want to read...
I'm very sorry that happened to you....but I am sure that no one intended to purposely snubb you.
This forum has gotten so large over the years, that I'm lucky to even find the time to read just a "few" of the many new posts I see listed every day. I would love to respond to more of them....but I simply do not have the time. I enjoy helping newcomers & try to answer as many as I can, IF I have any information I feel is worth contributing, and IF I have the time. This forum has grown so over the years that people "naturally" llike to respond to their "friends" that they have made here, and others if they have the time. It takes a while to get "established" enough that people know you. And, while that shouldn't be a pre-requisite for responding to someone who is asking for help...it sometimes puts you at the bottom of the heap when there are SO many posts.

I sincerely hope you give it another try.
This Forum is a wonderful place to learn & gain knowledge, as well as new friends. It just takes a while sometimes for people to "notice" newbies.
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I have four geldings and am an non show farm. I guess I just never saw your post or did not feel I could be of benefit to you. But please do not fault the forum because I think there are a large number of caring people on the fourm. After taking time to read your post the first thing that comes to mind is that had you used the search function you would have been swamped with answers to your question. This is a subject that is talked about on a very reqular basis. Without knowing a either the animals or the particular feed you are giving or the quality of the forage available to them my normal advice would have been to speak with the animal nutritionist at your feed dealer. Every feed company spends a fortune on the formulation of their feeds. A local person would have a better idea of what is available in your local area.
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I'm answering this TOTALLY BLIND. Have no idea what your initial post was about.

However, I do know that if I didn't respond it was probably because I didn't feel I was knowledgable enough to respond!

Please don't rip us all to shreds! Please!

Guess I am one of the guilty ones. I read your post but I didn't know what to tell you. Couldn't see taking up space just to say I hope you get your answer soon...................... A while back I posted my own question about an overweight (bellied up) horse. Still no solution even though I'm trying several things but as of yet nothing is working. I do know part of his problem is he is eating his bedding now because I cut back on the grass/hay ...................................... BTW, when I want info on a particular topic I do a search first to see what has already been discussed. Sometimes I find the info I am looking for in the older postings.
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I never thought to search older posts, good idea!!.

I too feel I am ignored sometimes, as does a friend of mine. We both agree less you post, the more you are ignored.

I still ask questions, and post sometimes, and I have voiced my opinion on this issue before. I don't really see a difference, but have learned so much being a lurker.

I appreciate the responses I do get, and I thank you all!!

I just went back and looked, when I introduced myself to the crowd thinking that would help, there were 21 greatly appreciated responses with 194 reads. Hmmm... seems all my posts had similar responses.
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I'm so sorry you are feeling so hurt. I really am.

I'm so busy that I don't have time to read everyone's posts every day like I used to.

In all fairness, I didn't read your post until Sunday. I checked the board and there was hardly no one here around. It was slow. I"m not usually on the board or on the computer on weekends at all either.

I did read your post about your concerns over your horse being fat and other things and I did relate to all that. So that's why I commented.

Although I don't know much about nothing, and I do stress NOTHING, I do try to listen to the people that are knowledgable and learn and learn from what I do wrong and try to make it right. Then I spend a lot of time doing research on my own.

I don't show either and I know that your lack of response didn't have anything to do with that. So many people are away from the board now at Nationals and getting ready for the other one, and some are bailing hay and at Church all day etc. and that's why the people were not here to help you out.

I'll bet you anything if you posted that thread on a weekday you would have gotten much more response. Please don't be hurt or upset ok?
I think timing matters when you post a thread as Marty mentioned. A lot of people are at the last of the local shows and of course Nationals so that may be why you didn't get much response lately. Don't give up just yet

I didn't even see your thread. I have noticed that many of the people who do answer posts are gone to Nationals.

Please don't give up.

BTW, I smile when I see your posts because I love your avatar, pretty horse!

Geez! Have a little Cheese with that Whine!

How am I supposed to know how new you are to the board? I don't think the good people here selectively discriminate against posts according to the seniority of the poster.

I couldn't help you because I don't have any geldings and have seldom had one here on the farm for any length of time.
I am sorry you felt ignored! I know that anytime I create a thread, there are far more people who get into the "viewed" count vs. the "reply" count. This, I think, is because of two things:

1. Guests who are not registered members do go into the "viewed" totals

2. Many people will look at a thread but not feel they have the answers

As much of a "motor mouth" as I am, if I had seen your post and had anything to say that would help or be meaningful, I would have said it!!!

I hope you are feeling better about this today. It's easy to take something personal online, when you cannot see people's expressions or know what else they are thinking, when it's nothing personal at all in reality. I know over the years at one point or another, my feelings have been hurt by members here but with a little time and hindsight, I could see it was not meant to upset.
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Oh for pete's sake--get over it and move on and enjoy the forum, huh? No one went out of their way to snub you. I never even saw your post or I probably would have responded if I had time to. I have three geldings and two mares and have done two shows in the past three years--and that is with one mare and one gelding. My horses are pets and family members and though I do enjoy showing and hope to do more of it, it will not be the focus of having them. Sorry you felt snubbed....

Sometimes I'n not logged on and read but can't answer a post but a lot of times I read and wait for the more knowledgeable in that area to answer...I only answer if I know what I'm talking about, asking another question or have researched a topic or giving congratulatory comments or praise...you will learn more here just by reading and try to ask your question again or bump it up until someone answers...there are a lot of people away right now and also the time of day you ask could cause your question to be lost in the time...bump it up...It's worth waiting..and now you have made your presence know and will get more answers.. Did you introduce yourself with a first post?????Try going back and give us an introduction about yourself and your horse..no one has anything against geldings most of us applaud you /
i read your post and didnt respond. here is why.

I have responded to tons of posts on how to feed their mini etc. I have found that rarely is the advice ever taken
Also after seeing what Marty posted i just kinda sighed and gave up. I LOVE MARTY. Just ask her LOL. But I dont agree with her thoughts on alfalfa. Everytime i post about feeding alfalfa i get flamed. So now i rarely post on any post asking about feeding. While im on the subject though i will say this (for what its worth) Keeping your feeding simple is best. I have seen feed plans on here that i just cant believe! I really dont think you have to feed a horse tons of supplements, grain etc etc. Keeping it simple is best for you and your horse.

So wether or not a person shows has no bearing on wether i will post a reply. I never even give that a thought when i reply to a post.
Don't be mad! I read more than anything else, and I haven't shown any horses, YET. I do know recently there was a time I felt a little put off and quite a few of the caring folks here pm'd me to let me know all is well! Thanks by the way.

I too agree with KayKay about feeding, I've never even seen some of the stuff ya'll use!

Beet Pulp for example. Where on earth do ya'll get that stuff???
Baptism said:
Geez!  Have a little Cheese with that Whine!
How am I supposed to know how new you are to the board?  I don't think the good people here selectively discriminate against posts according to the seniority of the poster.

I couldn't help you because I don't have any geldings and have seldom had one here on the farm for any length of time.



I have tons of senority been around forever and get my posts unanswered.....right now is nationals alot of people are away....I have been busy and sick as dog so not doing a ton of posting or reading........I admit I never even saw your post...I have geldings and happen to love geldings I don't show much at all so you aren't totally alone in that.......try asking your questions again after nationals is over......

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