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Coventry Lane Farm

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Sep 26, 2004
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Collierville, TN
Hello everyone, thought I would pass this information along to all interested in attending the Ohio World Championship Show held in Columbus Ohio on July 22 thru the 26th this year.

Entry deadline is July 1st. There is two separate entry forms for Shetlands and the miniature horses. The Shetland entry forms are under the "Light Horse" entry forms listed.

Also, there has been an increase in fee's for stalls and tack stalls as well, the class entry fee's have remained the same as last year.

The site for forms is:


See you there at the World Show
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AAGGHH... I am losing it. must be too early in the morning for me to read a Premium book. But I cannot find the entry fees for the AMHR classes. Can someone tell me which page it is on? Thanks Going to go look again !!!
FOUND IT !!!!! it is in the actual AMHR Entry form, not in the Premium book !!!!!! thought I was going crazy !!!
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Last years entry forms were not near as confusing.
We are going this year, i believe we are taking 5 ? Depending upon how this weekend goes at the Taylors sale we may be taking an extra as well

We went the year before last, but didnt get to go last year. I just wish it wasnt so close to congress, really keeps you busy the last few weeks of July

We will be there, i just printed off everything yesterday
Don't forget... this is a payback show also and they have a hospitality room as well, very nice well run show. They also eliminated alot of the additional fee's pertaining to the entries for the Shetlands that were on the entry forms last year and I had contacted Judy at the show office yesterday about the fee's and they are eliminated this year. That really added up after awhile with everything else.

We will be there with a full trailer of horses and we possibly would only be taking 2 horses to Congress if anyone would need a ride to Cloverdale Indiana and we may have possible room on the trailer to Tulsa for the Nationals in September. Too early to tell yet in the show season.

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did you read, if 4 or less horses, NO TACK stall.. So if I decide to go, I will need to see if I can send my entries in with someone, I only have 2 horses. but still need a tack stall of some sorts.

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