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Nov 30, 2002
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CHANCE’S MINI HORSE RESCUE is excited to present our second annual


Have you ever wanted to show your horse without all the fuss, time, money, and travel involved? Well here’s your chance to do just that from the comfort of your own home! CHANCE’S MINI HORSE RESCUE is busy every day working quietly behind the scenes helping horses in many ways. This fundraiser will help us continue to do just that.

This show is for every Miniature Horse, pony and dog, and yes we threw in three classes for your BIG horses too! No matter if you have a National Champion contender or a backyard pet, all are welcome to participate. Just a $5.00 fee to enter a class in the show! No registration papers required! No stall fee! No office fee! No judge’s fee! No gas to get there! AND…YOU also get to be the judge!

All you have to do is take pictures or videos and submit them. Enter the appropriate class which you will decide for yourself. We have 29 classes and a great fun prize will be given to the winner of each class.

A voting poll will be set up so you can also vote for who you want to win in each category.

The show will be held starting on October 1st and will go through October 14th at on the CMHR forum. Begin posting your pictures anytime on October 1st. No entrees will be allowed to post after October 14th.

If you don’t want to enter the show but still want to help, you can sponsor a class for $20.00. We will add your name or farm name to the top of the class which will be great advertisement for you!

Directions To The Show:

You have to REGISTER with to be able to log in and participate. Once you have done this, go to the list of “Forums” and select “Chances Mini Horse Rescue Forum” and you are there. If anyone has any technical problems with this please contact [email protected] and put “ONLINE SHOW” in the subject line. Please do not wait until the last minute to do this.

To Post A Picture:

To post your pictures they have to be uploaded from an outside source first, such as: which is free. Go to the show and begin writing your photo description in the appropriate text box. Then go to where you have stored your photo online and select and highlight the direct link and click “copy”. Return to your text box and scroll your mouse over the tool bar until you get to the box that says “image” and click it. That will download a box. Click in it and “paste” your URL. Hit enter and your picture will appear.

ALL CLASSES ARE ONLY $5.00 EACH! We need 5 entrees to break even in each class so PLEASE ENTER! ENTER! ENTER as many classes as you can!


The most adorable mare and foal ever

The most unusual markings ever

The cutest face ever

The funniest picture ever

The picture that makes you go “awwwwwwww” ever

The craziest horse ever (you may submit a video to show why- optional)

The best costume or dress up ever

The longest mane and tail ever

The best trick ever (you may submit a video to show the trick- optional).

My horse or pony is the best yard decoration ever

The best transformation before and after pictures ever

The best service horse ever

The best matched set ever (can be 2 or more)

Doing the best deed ever

The most stubborn horse ever (picture or video should explain why)

Best decorative clip job ever

The worst hair day ever

The best groomed horse ever

Best friends picture ever (with any friend)

The best transformation before and after pictures of any rescue horse ever

The best video ever. (You must be the owner of at least 1 horse in your video)

Best driving horse ever (Show in cart)

Best driving team ever (Show in cart)

Best equine photograph ever (You must be the photographer)

Best equine artist ever (You must be the artist)

Best equine craft ever (You must be the crafter)

Favorite pic of my BIG HORSE mare (state your breed)

Favorite pic of my BIG HORSE gelding (state your breed)

Favorite pic of my BIG HORSE stallion (state your breed)


The most handsome male ever

The most beautiful female ever

So ugly I’m adorable ever

Best trick ever (you may submit video if you want)

Strangest colorations ever

Craziest hair-do ever

Best friends picture ever (with any friend)

The tiniest adult dog ever (state his size)

The biggest dog ever (state his size)

Best costume or clothing ever


The show begins on October 1st so you can start posting your pictures then. The show ends on October 14th which will be the last day you can post pictures.

You must register at to be able to log in and participate.

Show will be held on the Chances Mini Horse Rescue Forum.

You do not have to have a registered mini or pony to participate.

You may enter as many classes as you like.

You may enter more than one horse per class. Each horse is a separate entry ($5.00 each entry)

If you have more than one entry in the same class, post once for the first horse, hit reply, then post again for the next horse so the voting poll will work for you on each entry. If entering the same horse in one class you may post up to 3 pictures for one $5.00 entry fee.

You may use the same picture or video in more than one class

Please contact your friends and encourage them to enter too!

By all means feel free to campaign for yourself and ask your friends to vote for your horse! Don’t be shy! Begging for votes is allowed!

Entry fee is $5.00 per entry. Sponsorships are $20.00 per class and we will give you/farm credit at the top of the post to show you sponsored a class.

BIG horse classes are #’s 27, 28, 29 ONLY

PAYMENT: Use the CMHR Pay Pal button here

If you do not have a PayPal account you can snail mail your check or money order made out directly to CMHR and send to:

Tammie Miller, Treasurer

5846 Craven Road

Emmett, Michigan 48022

PRIZES will be your choice of DESIGNER HALTER for the HORSE & PONY SHOW WINNER


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out and join in the fun and ENTER OR SPONSOR A CLASS and help support CMHR!


There will be one winner per class. Go to the appropriate prize page and select whatever halter/collar you would like for your prize. Miniature halters only come in one standard Miniature size that fit most adult Miniature Horses. The halters also come in Pony or Big Horse Sizes.

Contact Treasurer Tammie Miller via email at:

[email protected]

with your selection and it will be mailed to you. Be sure to put “I WON” in the subject line. If you have chosen a halter that we may have run out of, it will be ordered for you and sent in a timely manner.


Your choice of Designer Dog Collar and Matching Leash!

Winners of the dog show do the same thing by selecting a dog collar and leash of your choice.


If anyone needs any further info contact

Marty Garrison, CMHR Board of Director

Show Manager

[email protected]
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