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Dec 8, 2003
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Sandusky, OH
I thought last yr I seen somewere that the Ohio State Fair had a show or classes for minis? If they do how do I find information about it?


Ah, that is a tricky one for sure! They only have it in the Ohio State Fair premium book online. Entries close really early and you must pre-enter to show. It is an AMHR show, so your horse needs to be registered AMHR. The minis usually show a week or two before the actual opening of the fair. Kind of strange, but no sticky little kiddies trying to feed the pony a candied apple....
[SIZE=14pt]As Jody said that show already was at the end of July.[/SIZE]

The show is held about a week and half prior the Ohio State Fair but numbers have increasingly grown for the Miniature portion of the show, and it's been a great success we encourage everyone to come. You can find information out online about dates and times and if your interested you can also see placings from this past year online as well. Hope to see you there next year.
Thanks for the information. I know that the state fair is over for this yr. I am planing on doing it next yr. But I want to get a head start and know when dealines are and such. Serene Acres, you said that I could get the dates and that online. Could you post the website here. I have looked at the Ohio State Fair website but im not finding anything. Maybe im looking at the wrong place.


[SIZE=14pt]They have really good payback too! Our little group won over 2000 dollars all together and our entried were around 700. total. [/SIZE]

Well I typed Ohio State Fair into a search engine and it brought it up than there is a small spot to the right that says forms that's where you would go it allows you to print the forms you need and also tells you deadlines and prices. Give me a little bit of time to look into it, I'm at work you could also call Judy Peters at the Horse Show Office and have her fax some forms there were some problems with the web site last year and I had to get things faxed too me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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