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Nov 12, 2007
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Hockley, Texas
Dear Vickie,

Per the manufacturer, Feed Solutions, they "are voluntarily retrieving all bags of the Platform feed products listed below that bear lot numbers from 8JAN01HAR to 8FEB08HAR inclusive. This retrieval is being initiated as a precaution, because of the potential for aflatoxin above acceptable levels. No confirmed aflatoxin-related animal health complaints have been received to date.

Formula No. Item No. Description

35SD 0062178 Platform Mare & Foal

35ST 0065838 Platform Mini-Horse & Pony 25#

35SB 0062176 Platform Pleasure Horse

35SE 0062180 Platform Senior Horse

35SC 0062177 Platform Sport & Performance Horse

Lot numbers are printed on the sewing strip of each bag. Lot numbers are formatted as follows:

(Example 8FEB08HAR) 8=Year / FEB=Month / 08=Day of Month / HAR=Plant Code

The Harrisburg Feed Plant is contacting all retailers that received these products, in an effort to recover any remaining inventory at both retail and end-use customer levels. Please feel free to follow-up with your retailer as you deem necessary."

If you have any bags of feed with the above lot #, please return them to your retailer. Be assured that only the above mentioned lot #'s are affected in this recall.

Thank you,

Gina M. Kurcz

Consumer and Professional Support Specialist