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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
I haven't verified this e-mail......just passing it on for information purposes.

HI Horse friends- I got an email telling me Purina has recalled all their feeds- I was suspicions so I checked it out and googled Purina horse feed recall...and there it was. Apparently they are wanting to keep it quiet but one site listed the following kinds of feed toxic- they have the same corn in it as as the dog food did when we had the scar last yr.

Please- if you feed this, do some research and ck with Purina....

Formula No. Item No. Description

56AT 0049098 Country Acres All Stock 14% Texture

56AZ 0051858 Country Acres All Stock 16% Texture

35EX 0048193 Country Acres Horse Complete 14

35DR 0041941 Country Acres Horse Pellet 10

35DS 0041940 Country Acres Horse Pellet 12

35DN 0041937 Country Acres Horse Sweet 10

35DP 0041943 Country Acres Horse Sweet 12

6514 0009876 Country Acres Layer 16%

3505 0034202 Complete Advantage

35G9 0001206 Equine Junior

35J9 0001209 Equine Senior

5501 0001403 Goat Chow

3531 0004984 Horse Chow 100

35CZ 0054628 Horseman’s Edge 10:10 TXT HF

35TK 0065331 Horseman’s Edge Complete 14

35Y5 0010610 Horseman’s Edge Pellet 10:6

35TG 0065244 Horseman’s Edge PLT 12:6 + Lys

35TP 0065356 Horseman’s Edge Sweet 14:6

35TM 0065354 Horseman’s Edge Sweet 12:6 + Lys

3516 0001187 Pure Pride 100

26WK 0047869 Sow & Pig Builder OTC 50

61S3 0057259 Start & Gro Sunfresh Recipe

Edited to add: I did find this information on the Purina website.

Eastern U.S. Feed Product Retrieval

Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC has implemented a voluntary product retrieval

of certain feeds manufactured between November 3, 2007 and February 8,

2008 at our Statesville, N.C., feed plant; between January 1, 2008 and February

8, 2008 at our Harrisburg, Penn., feed plant; and between January 1, 2008 and

March 10, 2008 at our Guilderland, N.Y. plant.

This voluntary retrieval was initiated due to the possible presence of aflatoxin

contamination above acceptable levels.

To date, we have received no confirmed aflatoxin-related animal health

complaints involving any of the retrieved products. Nevertheless, we have taken

such precautionary action as our utmost priority continues to be our customers

and the well-being of their animals.

All dealers who purchased any of the retrieved products directly from Land

O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC have been notified. These dealers are located in the

following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland,

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and

West Virginia.

Our investigation and product testing identified one ingredient of concern, which

originated from a single supplier. We have discontinued purchasing from this

supplier. Other feed companies that purchased from this supplier are facing a

similar situation.

For more information about specific products included in the retrieval, contact the

Statesville, N.C., Feed Plant at 704-924-5100 or the Harrisburg, Penn., Feed

Plant at 717-737-4581.
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We just bought a bag of Equine Senior last night. We actually fed some of it last night. I just went out and checked the bag after seeing this post and it's one of the recalled bags.

Thanks so much for posting the numbers!

I have been doing research on this most of the morning/early afternoon. No one seems to

know the source for the lot numbers and products given out. My feed supplier spoke to

Purina regional person and they didn't send out a list ????? The internet can be pretty

scary... for good and bad. Purina says ecoli potential. Hmmmmm. If it is an East Coast

problem.... Why do we have the lot codes for the bad products showing up in the Midwest

and Southwest??? I am waiting for a call back from Purina to clarify this. Meanwhile, I

will not be feeding their Equine Senior. I also think it is interesting that Snopes has nothing

on this.
As I said when I posted the info, I didn't check it out except for what I found on the Purina web site. I kinda figured most people would rather know than not know. Ignorance surely isn't bliss if you have a sick (or worse) horse at your farm.

You're very welcome Kim. Perhaps your dealer can shed some light on this when you contact him.
The numbers on the list aren't lot numbers, they are product code numbers. For example, I feed the Country Acres Sweet 10. Every empty bag floating around in my feed room has that number on it, regardless of the date on the little strip on the bottom (guess it's time to do a little cleaning up and organizing, huh?)

And now, a word about aflatoxin. This is one of those "the more you know, the more you wish you didn't know" situations. Aflatoxins are produced by a fungus that often grows on grains. Various conditions during growth and storage can favor fungus growth. A certain level has been set for grain intended for human consumption, above that, it can only be used for animal feed. Evidently, Purina has a tolerance level for horse feed as well, grain exceeding that level will be used for some other purpose. Aflatoxin is toxic at high enough levels, but it is also a potent carcinogen (causes cancer.) The tolerance levels are set because of the carcinogenic nature of this beastie, and are way, way below any level at which you'd expect to see any sign of illness. The annoying thing is, you can't get away from aflatoxin. I can just about guarantee you, that if you are eating or feeding anything that has grain in it, it will have some aflatoxin, too. Didn't you just need to know that?
:DOH! Hey Donna, You and Kim are both greatly appreciated for bringing this to everyone's attention. In my panic over the situation.... I was a bit abrupt. Thanks again to both of you.

Now.... what should I do with the 4 bags of Purina Equine Senior sitting in my feed room????

What are the odds that it is ok?
I have been so confused over wether this is real or not. But I just got an email from the with a story on it. This is a reputable site so it must be true

Heres the link

purina recall
Now.... what should I do with the 4 bags of Purina Equine Senior sitting in my feed room???? What are the odds that it is ok?
If I had any that was questionable I'd call Purina and talk to someone about it. Could be your dealer may know something.....but maybe not.
Update- My bag is ok.
Now.... what should I do with the 4 bags of Purina Equine Senior sitting in my feed room????

What are the odds that it is ok?

Unless you are sure that it came from one of the plants in question, during the dates in question, you should be ok.
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