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Nov 30, 2002
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Newsome, TX
This filly's sire is buckskin tobiano plus possible sabino.

Her dam is sorrel with a blaze, brown eyes, and two rear pasterns. The dam also has roany patches that have developed with age.

The filly has a star, disconnected strip, and a snip. She also has a pink lower lip, just like pink lipstick...it does not spread to the chin area.

I think that her markings are odd...especially the one that travels up her neck, yet does not venture into her mane. And on the other side, she has a big spot on her ribcage. Do you see anything other than tobiano here?




I see a lot of tobiano, but the pink lip may be an indication of sabino as well.

I think the stallion may be Splash + Tobi. So- the filly is Splash +Tobi + Sabino ?? I know, I know, blue eyes!! Splash do not HAVE to have blue eyes they just usually have blue eyes

And, whilst I've got you.... I knew someone on here had Here Comes Trouble!! I think he's great! Would you mind terribly if I "borrowed " the name?? I have a colt I am already calling "Trouble" and if you would not mind, that is what I would love to call him??
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We had a filly marked very similar to that with the same neck marking and she tested positive for the LW gene plus she had tobiano. Your filly looks to have a splash marking on her rear leg... the high white reminds me of markings you see on splash overos. She sure is pretty.

Ginny Long
Gosh...all 4 patterns are "possibilities" here. The filly does look to be Tobiano with Sabino (white on lower chin - lip counts too). She could also carry Splash AND Frame....depending on whether the dam carries LWO or not. (I don't believe Trouble has ever sired any Frames, has he?) Has she ever been tested...and are there any Frames in her background?
Rabbitfizz---CERTAINLY you can use the name! And it will fit the character when you do!!!
It's like a curse!

The dam's parents are BOTH listed as UNKNOWN. So there is no color clue there!! Candy has a pink spot on her lower lip that is the size of a quarter. Of course, the sire, dam, and filly all have brown eyes.

Here are more pictures of the stallion, Trouble. It is difficult to see but on his left rear leg, where the stocking runs over his hock, the buckskin color is severely speckledy into the white.


On his front knees there are irregular additional white patches above the stockings too. This plus the roany patches of pinto all over make me suspect sabino in him. He has no white marking on his face or lips whatsoever. Do you see something else?



He has never really thrown anything other than tobiano on solid mares. Never thrown white on the face unless the mare had those markings or carried it....BUT!!!! Trouble DID sire this colt from a totally solid mare this year....look at the wierd offset star...


AND THIS COLT whose dam is a brown-eyed soild red roan plus a star....the jury is out on whether his eyes are going to stay blue....


Trouble's parents are registered as a solid bay and a grey pinto.
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There's my pretty boy!!! Thanks Lauralee, I shall use the name with pride!! I'm not sure about the Frame, but of course it is well worth a test if he is remaining entire. I think the stallion definitely has minimal Splash. I know he is quite old now, but that foal does look like a minimal Splash and your new one looks as if he has it too, so is it possible others have been missed because you were not expecting it?? Look how long Rowdy went with no-one suspecting he was Frame!!

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