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Pony Lade

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Jul 5, 2005
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Hi everyone,

First off - I'm new to the forum but have been reading for a while and I just have to say - everyone's ponies that I've seen here are gorgeous

I currently have 4 pony mares of various breeds that are all round ponies (could show in alot of different classes besides just driving). I'm located in Area 1, I believe....my questions are as follows....

Can someone really explain this new registry? I know how it works to be able to register a pony, but do you feel there will be interest in it?

What about Shetland shows in Area 1 - I finally found a small show here in NH that has separate classes for ponies & mini's vs horses (and it includes driving classes!!! That seems to be very hard to find around this area for anything other than mini's).

I've started a search for an AMHR and/or ASPC stallion to show and eventually bred to my mares.....but I'm not sure if there will be a market. Just seems that every pony wanted ad I see, the people want it free or very cheap and then the older ponies for free lease - the pony doesn't seem to move??!! Is it just me on that??

Thanks for input,

I think that the interest in this new registry will probably grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years. Shetlands themselves have had a tremendous upsurge over the last couple of years....miniature horse owners that always swore up and down that they'd never have a Shetland are taking them into the ring right and left.....they are supposed to have classes for the NSPR horses at Congress starting in '06.....so, I for one will not only raise one or two, but will also try to show them.....
As for registration - an NSPR pony must have one ASPC Shetland or one AMHR Miniature parent and be DNA parent verified to that parent. The forms are available for download on the ASPC/AMHR website - www.shetlandminiature.com
[SIZE=14pt]I have two shetland stallions in NY that I was thinking of putting in as a foundation sire so that you could breed your mares to them. Uno is on lease for two years and Sweet Tart the grey is permanantly mine.[/SIZE]


Sweet Tart.

Let me know if you are interested and I will persue getting the boys in.


forgot to add that there were classes for these ponies offered at the regionals iin delaware last weekend and that if Regionals are in Horseheads next year they will be offered there in NY.
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oops sorry i misread what lewella typed but the website still says one parent must be a shetland i really wish they would fix that.

I think this new registry could be huge but i think its going to be hurt if they dont get accurate info out. I also think its going to be hard to get off the ground since you cant show them until they are 3 and you can only show them in performance.

Patches foal will be NSPR so we are really excited to see how it turns out. But this registry i was told was for the bigger ponies that can be ridden, do jumping etc.

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This registry is for crossbreds and the requirement as Lewella stated is either one parent ASPC OR AMHR....so if you bred say your arab mare to an AMHR registered stallion that foal would be eligible for NSPR....or if you bred a welsh to an ASPC that pony would also be eligible.......just to give some idea of the variations that would be eligible

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