NJ Bred show next Saturday

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Roxy's Run

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Sep 9, 2003
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New Jersey
Hello! Is anyone going to the NJ All Breed Show the weekend of Sept. 10 - 11 at the NJ Horse Park? I will be there. Unfortunately not showing, but there will also be a big Standardbred yearling sale there which I will be working. So if you get a chance, please stop by the sales barns and visit. I will be at Fair Winds Farm consignment which will be located in the barn closest to the woods. The farm colors are brown and tan and we will have Fair Winds Farm signs up. Would love to meet some of you!


Roxy's Run Miniatures
I am working but I wish I could go. I have a Jersey bred filly that would knock their socks off!! ( sorry, its hard to be humble about this one!)
Since June I've been trying to get someone in charge over there to send me a show program for a couple of shows listed to no avail. I "was" planning on checking out the show in August, but after numerous phone calls to them since I never got a reply by phone or mail I canned it. Guess they had enough entries...they did'nt need mine. The ADS show coming up in Oct. is one I may go to.

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