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Jul 6, 2005
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Burleson, TX
Finally My Web Site is up!!

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I am guilty as charged for lurking and reading for a month or so. Was waiting on finally getting my web site up so I can join in on the fun. Please feel free to check out my web site & let me know what you think. Good or Bad. I have learned so much & feel like you guys are family already.

Thanks to all,

, and a great big WELCOME from the northwoods of Wisconsin. Glad you could join our forum family, great place to spend time when your not with your minis!
Welcome from SW Oklahoma! Nice job on your website, and some very nice horses!
Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my web site. I wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate all the advice & support that this forum brings. I only wished I had joined way back when--when I didn't know much about minis--11 years of trail & error when I could have just asked my questions here.
Good thing with minis you never know everything & will always have questions. I was just glad to see that it is like one big happy family. In a month's time I learned that there are days where you all would disagree & we would all have to put on our flame suits, you would cheer when something good happens to another member, you cried when someone or mini was hurt or sad, you jumped in with such quick responses to people in need, you answer countless color & conformation questions as if they were the first time asked. You vented & forum soothed, just like with our own families. Please know it is appreciated from all--good or bad--that is what family is about.

But I do have to add the infamous "Marty, where are you?" & Vicky from Southlake--we surely have too meet cause you are a stone's throw away & all your post sound just like me!!

All of you should be proud of what you & Maryanne have built!!!

Thanks again,

Welcome Sherry!!

Beautiful stallion, I think I might have the perfect cross for him.

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