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Silver City Heritage Farmstead

Can't stop now (formerly Dragons Wish Farm)
May 29, 2012
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Raeford (Silver City) NC
I apologize in advance for not updating the previous thread. I decided to start a new topic since we started the new farm!

I have changed our farm name to:

Silver City Heritage Farmstead

So far I've started chicken farming on a very small scale. I have one critical breed from the Livestock Conservancy in my flock (Campine.) We're still working on fencing and building a permanent chicken coop. In the meantime, I'm using Spanky's hoop shed, one portable PVC chicken wire run and crates--to keep people separated when they decide they want to fight. Oh my!!

I am taking a break at the moment from potting Weeping willows to go along the main walkway to the travel trailer. (Our primary residence is still under rehab.) I have potted roses and herbs. Heirloom tomatoes will be in raised beds by end of week.

I'm still wrapping my mind and spirit around the fact that we have a PERMANENT home...never in my life have I been able to put plants in the ground and know that next year I'll be here to see them. (If God leaves me here.)

Working on installing internet in the next few weeks. Until then, I'll update with photos this evening.

I've also requested a forum name change, so be looking for that as well.

Oh.....thank you Lord, for the blessing of the husband who gave me this home last year for Mothers' Day. I will TRULY be eternally grateful...Amen
Love the name Julie, Sounds like you will very busy getting your gardens in order. I love weeping willows I have a few planted around the back of the lake.

Look forward to seeing some pictures

So, here are the willows, being potted. Guacho (pronounced guWACHo) is supervising. He hoped I'd drop tools that he could use for toys. ;-)

Will post updates later. These will be lining the walkway.
Congratulations and best of luck with your neat projects! I'd really like to have chickens one day, too
Hahahaaa!! Jokes on me!! Logged on from the cell to post a few updated pictures. I forgot, however, that I exported them to my laptop earlier today. :-D

So, let's see if I can import them back.....

Aaaaaand the answer is "NO". That's okay, I'll just write the update. Foundation on the house was inspected, approved and back-filled. The studs have been installed down the length of the house where the foundation was re-laid. Next up is to install the new floor beams.

The weeping willows are in pots with purple petunias and are set along the path to the travel trailer. One of them got mauled by Guacho, and I'm hoping it will recover. So far, no new growth and it's been a week. :'-(

I'll have to repot the lavender and perhaps some of the roses, as they seem too big for their pots now. The tomatoes have tiny little tomatoes. I've used the herbs in a couple of meals. Cooking hint: when using lemon balm as a freshening herb in chicken stock, a couple of tablespoons (chopped) in a large crockpot is ALMOST too lemony! LOL

The chicks are growing well. Lost one bantam chick to the evil Lucky the hunter. Lost another to the cold this week, so put the last two banties and a couple of the weaker ones back into the broody cage. They were so happy to warm their tootsies on that heating pad, you could just see the smiles on their little chickie faces!! It's been so cool here that I had to blanket Spanky because he was trembling. Went out tonight to be sure all of the chickies were snuggled together at bedtime.

Wednesday my plan is to do yard clean-up, pull weeds, put the portable shed frame together (thrift shop find) and move all of my animal things out of the basement and in there.

I'll update with some pictures later on in the week. Say a prayer for me. I'm changing mobile service providers and SHOULD be able to use my cell as a WIFI hotspot for my laptop! *happy bouncing emoji here*

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