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Sep 27, 2003
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Bob and I finally got out to take some new clipped up pics of Sparky. I'm soooooo happy with how this boy is turning out. He's a little dirty even though I hosed him off right before the pics, and his mane's a little wild (gotta get that mane tamer on him Kay, lol) but here he is, my one-year-old L&Ks All Fired Up



hi tami

i really like those last two pics. hes looking great!!!
[SIZE=14pt]OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo my baby boy! He looks great! I am so pleased with how he is turning out! how tall is he? Mini measured. His sister is 2 and holding at 37.[/SIZE]

He measured in at exactly 36" last week. That's a two inch growth sprunt in the last two months. LOL Soooooooo, being that he's only 10 months old... not sure he'll stay in the AMHR range. Would be cool if he did, but I won't complain if he doesn't either, I like'em big. LOL
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[SIZE=14pt]Hattie was 36.5 at 12 months and is still only an inch bigger now. The shetlands get almost full grown by a year they might get an inch and a half bigger but I bet he will stay under. My yearling filly I got at docs was a year old today and she is 34. He expects her to be 36 at the most.[/SIZE]

Wow, well that would be really cool if he does stay under. I had begun to think about all the mini/shetland crosses I could do with some of my larger Maybe even get some aspc/amhr mares down the road to cross with him if he stays in the mini range. Either way, I just love his stinkery butt. He's such a clown... get this, I was lunging him this morning in the barn yard. Nothing unusual about that, but he kept freaking out, I thought it was at a pile of straw that had fallen out of the wheel barrow, but then I realized it was because I had moved the picnic bench to a different side of the yard, and he was going nuts because it was moved. What a goof.
What A Cutie!!! He is the half brother to our colt Warrior .. Check the post on Buckskin Shetlands for picture or go to

He sure is a nice looking boy!!

Janice Silvio

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