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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
The vet said it's now okay to let our filly, Passion, outside now!!! She was born very early last Friday morning (April 4), but has had to stay in the stall per the vet until this afternoon.

Passion has been the resident "stall monkey" cantering around her stall, doing leaps in the air, and bucking the past 5 or so days. She has a rocky start but got her fire going at about 36 hours old and has been very active ever since.

NOW she gets to really stretch her legs and we got pics of her putting them to good use. She even got to glimpse Ducky but so far, our mares aren't allowing them to play. I'm sure they will soon, though (both Hope and Lou are friends).

I cannot even say how happy we are to have Passion and that she's doing okay. She was not expected to survive last Friday morning when she was born. She's a real spitfire now, tho

Thanks for looking at our baby girl!!! I see so much of her daddy in her (physically and mentally).

[SIZE=12pt]Whinny For Me's Passionately Dun, a/k/a "Passion"[/SIZE]
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So glad your little girl is doing well. She is beautiful, love her star and snip. She is such a pretty girl. Isn't it wonderful to watch them ripin around and havin fun.

Ohhhh pleassssse....isn't she just the cutest little thing. You would never know that she had a rocky start. Kiss that target!
Way to go Jill, I am so glad Passion had her first outing, I know my mare is going stir crazy from being in a stall for a week. She is a very pretty little girl.
Now thats not even nice Jill. I am sitting here waiting for my mare to foal. Poor girl is locked in and gets the asile of the barn as its snowing/rain here. She is so big, droped and a big hard bag. I think she is irriated with me as she kickes me ever time I check her now. She was very lose in the back end last night, but not to night. She is 37" gets a flake of hay at a feeding. She is the garbage hound that eats everything but last night after 7 hours she didnt even eat half of her hay. you just keep showing off your little ones while I sit here waiting and telling her to hurry up.

I see "SHOW ME" wrote all over that little one

Linda K

P.s. We just took some pictures of double dip's little one. She's really cute also. Maybe Erica will post them tonight.
Passion is a Beautiful young lady!!

I am glad she is out running off her energy. I cant wait to see pix of both Ducky and Passion playing together.
Thanks, everyone!!! I am hoping that the momma's, Lou (Passion) and Hope (Ducky) will let their kids play some tomorrow. They are calling for a lot of rain later Friday and Saturday, so really hoping "the kids" get to play real good before being banished back to their bedrooms for a few days.

It's amazing how fast you fall in love with the foals! Passion's only been here for a week and Ducky less than two weeks, yet I can't imagine not having them!!! And cannot wait until their "sister" (not by blood) down in AR arrives and then we can have three foals playing together
Nice pics, I know how you feel, our little girl has stolen my heart

So glad we have a place to share

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