new pics now the sun has finally arrived!!

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Nov 27, 2006
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New Zealand
well i clipped my boy out a few days ago and now our sun has come out!! Me and ma snapped these today of Max this is him straight out of padock clipped hes not stabled or worked, boy i just love this guy



and his filly foal who is about 4 weeks now i just did her head and neck


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Max is lovely but your wee filly is something else.
whoops double post
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Max is one exceptional stallion

That filly is gorgeous!!
Wow! Very special.

And yes, the sun is shining here in Oz too!! Isn't it great!
Thanks thanks, so much everyone i really am so proud two own these two< well to have bred the filly! i love them both
i have another mare bagged up and due date is ten days!! shes an appy mare to max so will be interesting

how come you only did the neck of the foal?
because where i live the weather is un predictable this time of year and even though its bright blue sky now it can poor down tomorow and i have show horses in the stables so dont want to clip then leave her out or get stuck with having to put a show horse out so once the weather settles down im doing her head to toe. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Very special.
And yes, the sun is shining here in Oz too!! Isn't it great!
Yes it is!!!!
What a striking pair of horses! Do you have Get of Sire classes in New Zealand? If the rest of his foals are anything like that filly, then I could see your Max being very competitive.
Oh Chanel!!! You already know I love your little girl, but she just gets better and better...she is absolutely stunning!!!

Max is awesome! What a proud papa

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