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Apr 30, 2008
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Jetersville, VA
Well, I am up late waiting for the arrival of our new mini mare. She will be a surprise for my 12yr old daughter's birthday and a companion for our Ginger a 32inch mare.

We have adopted little Teacup from TrueJoy minis in NJ. Thank you Robin for letting us be her new family! Our hope is to someday have both girls so used to people they can become therapy horses and also be used in educational programs. This will be great fun. When Ginger came to us she was so frightened and not used to people even touching her. Now she is up in our faces and even followed the dogs in the house the other day. It was really funny. I came out of the bathroom and there was Ginger in my bedroom with the dogs as if saying "Hi Mom, so where do we keep the carrots?" She is just that comfortable with us and we think it's awesome. My friends want to know when she will get to sleep in the big bed... ha ha ha Well, I will get lots of pics this weekend of both girls. I need to do their hair first so they look proper for the picture. More soon!
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Congratulations on your new mini! Sounds like you all will be having a blast!

Your daughter will be so happy! What a great birthday present!

Can't wait to see photos
Hi Bren. Robin sent me a newsy mail the other day and said she had found a brilliant forever home for Teacup. Good to meet you on here!

You sound just the right person to help little Teacup continue her 'recovery' from her past life. You do realise that on here Teacup is one famous mare, not least for her dramatic protection of a little foal that didn't even belong to her, bless her!

So looking forward to seeing the pictures of her and your little Ginger, I'm sure Ginger will be pleased to have a friend and will most probably do a good job in helping Teacup settle in.

What a wonderful suprise for your G/daughter's birthday - lucky girl!

All the best, please keep us updated as time goes on.

Oh, congratulations on your new mini! I remember Teacup and her courage when she protected another mare's foal, wonderful story, wonderful little mare
Ginger sounds like she is one happy gal. You have done great with her. I always wish for buyers like yourself to give my foals a good, loving home. Your daughter will be so happy for her surprise! Please keep us updated....and of course , share lots of photos
Congratulations on your new addition!!! I look forward to the pictures
Well, things are going great! The girls are walking side by side with Katie and seem to do so well. I will get pics soon! I did not know anything about Teacup other than she has a deformed foot and was shy. I would love to hear about her helping a foal?

Congratulations on adding Teacup to your herd. If I wasn't cutting back, I would have added her to mine a long time ago.

Hi Bren,

I am glad to hear that Teacup arrived safely and that she and Ginger are getting along.

I emailed you just now to tell you of Teacup's heroism. She was a brave girl that day when she saved another mare's foal from that dog attack.

Another time a young stallion broke through a fence and was brutally attacking a mare and Teacup defendd that mare until I could help.

Teacup may be tiny and shy but is brave when it counts the most. Oddly enough she is always lowest in the pecking order and bowed to all the other mares.

Have no fear, I bring my dog into the barnyard every day and she is not dog aggressive. Teacup seems to know that Rumble is not a threat.

I hope that you will grow to love Teacup as I do and that your home will be her forever home, which is the best and most we can hope for, for all of our fur kids.

Hugs for you and Teacup,


ps. She loves horse cookies, and baby carrots.
Hi Bren! Welcome to the forum!

I too am a member of the Teacup fan club!

She is quite the little gal! It sounds like she'll have a great life with you and will be loved. Whooo hoooo!!
OH!!! She sounds like an amazing horse! Definitely, a keeper

It sounds like a huge honour to have her in your barn. Best wishes to you both.
OH!!! She sounds like an amazing horse! Definitely, a keeper

It sounds like a huge honour to have her in your barn. Best wishes to you both.
Thanks everyone!

Wow, this little mare is quite a heroine for sure! At least I know she will not have to worry about anything attcking at our little ranch. I have 11 Doxies who protect the property. My alpha male has even chased off a huge mature Buck who got too close. He ran it down until it was 2 farms away.

I have it set up so they have the run of the outside areas and protect the horses. My dogs love the horses and are never a threat to them. Teacup had no problem with my weens at all and my Sara (red Doxie) gave her kisses the first day.

My daughter Kate was thrilled with Teacup and said I could not have found her a more perfect horse. Last night we made them Barbie horses and did their hair with braids and bows and combed and trimmed manes so they looked like live "My Little Pony" horses. Too cute. Teacup barely knows us and she just stood there with her head in Kate's lap while I did her hair. She is beyond sweet. Ginger is learning to share her space with another horse. She is just a little put out but she will come around. I had them seperated at first and Ginger is the one who got the most upset. She about knocked the fence down to be with Teacup and they follow each other everywhere now. I know they will be friends in no time. I have the cutest pics and will post them as soon as I down load them in my PC.

Hound and Horsey Hugs from Harmony Ranch : )

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