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Jun 30, 2005
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Alright I remember reading a post by GreenWoodMinis about her stallion FLIGHT OF FANCYS GREAT EXPECTATION Being put in a new book about the great mini stallions. Congrats by the way. It got me wondering, does anyone else have any stallions being put in the book? I found out the other day my geldings sire, Mochas Cherokee Wardance & Lucky Four Look of Eagles, Both beautiful stallions I have had the pleasure to meet up close & personal, will also be in the book.

Ive got to say this looks like a very interesting book that I will deffinently get a copy of.

I am very proud to say my Stallion Tiny Tymes For Sure Man is in this book also.
I have ordered 2 of the books one to sit and stare at his page and one to read
Yes, it should be interesting reading. We have four stallions that will be featured.....

Bond Peppy Power

Yashica Light Vant Huttenest

Cross Country Call Me Awesome

Mountain Meadow Playboy Lucky Stryk
None of my horses will be in it, but two of my pictures will be! One of Greenwoodminis stallion and one of Stacy Score's Baylee. Guess I had better get a copy for posterity's sake!
I wish...........Maybe next one for my guys!!!

Congratulations to all who made it, well done.

Ginny StP
We are very honored to have several stallions listed - I will list the ones that I bred since Lorraine is out of town at Regionals this weekend but I know she is also very proud, our boys are;

FWF Debonaire

Mountain Meadows American Express - owned by Jessica Mathison

Mountain Meadows Special Express

Mountain Meadows Playboy - owned by Lorraine Strawn

Century Farms Bey Masquerade

Mountain Meadows Playboys Lucky Stryke -owned by Sharman & Kendal Brown

I have ordered several copies of the book - can't wait to get it and look at all those beautiful boys.


I found a book description, with a general list, but not all 300 stallions. It looks like a worthwhile purchase! And Congrats to all of you who contributed, pictures, horses, information etc.
Appy (Woodstock North's Who's Appy Now) and his sire Dakota's Lille Guten are both in the book, I think!
Hi, everyone! Pat Elder of Rosa Roca Miniatures here. I'm the author of the book you're talking about, "Outstanding Miniature Stallions, Past and Present." I'm thrilled to see you discussing it. It turned out even better than I ever hoped!

There are over 300 stallions included, most of them on their own pages, with photos, stories, show and progeny records, pedigree, color, etc. I have a complete list of who's in it, but it's WAY too long to post here. If you want to know if your favorite sire is included, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll tell you yes or no.

There's also a long article about great foundation sires, horses who didn't have enough offspring or about whom I couldn't find enough info to give them a full page. And, an article that includes a number of great mares, and lots of other stuff.

You can order a copy from Small Horse Press, at

I suggest you order at least 2, and donate one to your public library system. What a great way to promote the Miniature Horse in your area!

There will be another volume of this book in the next couple of years, and right now I'm working on "Outstanding Miniature Mares, Past and PResent." KNow any mares that should be included? Contact me!

Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy your books!

I am looking forward to ordering my copy. Thanks for posting on the thread Pat... you're new book looks wonderful! Ording the copy for our local library is a fantastic idea as well!
In answer to the question about what criteria was used to select the stallions, it changed a few times while I was writing it. Basically, though, I chose 1) famous foundation sires such as Rowdy, Gold Melody Boy, and FWF Little Blue Boy, 2) stallions with National Championships, or 3) stallions who are the sires of multiple Nationally-titled offspring.

There are TONS of outstanding stallions that I missed, mostly because I either didn't know about them, or didn't know who owned them. The current owners, or final owners if the horse is deceased, provided most of the information about their horse, along with a photograph and a 3 or 4 paragraph story about him. The story could be about how they acquired him, how it felt to show him, or just some interesting experience that's happened with him.

I will be writing Volume 2 of this book in a year or so, after I finish the mare book. So, for all the owners of *other* great stallions that I missed, please contact me! I'd love to have your stallion in the next book!

Pat Elder

Rosa Roca Miniature Horses

Oklahoma City, OK

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