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May 9, 2022
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My daughter bought a mini last week. He is turning 1 yr soon. His coat looks raggedy, and I wonder if it's just shedding out winter coat. Do you see anything in pics that indicates a problem? We are learning all we can to care for him. One other question - since he's been on hay all winter would you go slow letting him onto fresh grass? Or does it not matter.


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That looks like baby fuzz to me. A lot of them don't lose their baby fuzz and then grow a winter coat as well, they end up like a sheep. That should shed out soon. Have you had a vet out? He needs to be on a working schedule and get his shots. Always go slow with grass in the spring. Start with 10min and build up 5 - 10 min a day until he's at about and hour. Then you are normally ok to let him out on it. Does he have any company? He's very cute.
Yes, I agree with Taz, he needs to be on a WORMING schedule and probably needs all his shots. I leave my boys on pasture all winter so when the spring grass comes in they are already adjusted to it. Since he hasn’t been on any grass, I would go very slow.

This is what I do…
“…if a horse has been in a stall or a dry lot all winter, it is very important to slowly acclimatize him to spring pasture. Begin by turning the horse out to pasture for only 15 minutes a day, preferably after he has eaten his hay. Continue the 15 minutes of grazing for several days and then increase turnout time in 10 minute increments each day until the horse is grazing for 3 to 4 hours each day. Allow the horse to graze for 4 hours a day for about 2 weeks before turning him out to graze full-time.

taken from:
Do you think those bare spots in his fur are from him rubbing? Depending on where you live and the weather, you could always clip him.

If he is still a stud, I would geld him….and get him a friend. He looks like such a little sweetie! 💕💕 What is his name?
Welcome to you all! He looks very cute! The braids are darling! There is nothing like a young person and their horse! (Unless it’s an older ‘young’ person!:))

You have received great advice already!

I second all of their tips, especially going very slowly on grass. Your location is Iowa? If your grass is like what we have right now in our part of MN, it is young, rich, and thick, so going slowly is wise!

Gelding is huge especially if a young person is involved.

If horses are new to your daughter she will enjoy this site and all of the ways we enjoy our little horses. It may give her even more great ideas!

If you have other horses already forgive us as we jump in with both feet and lots of advice! ;)
I third the above suggestions! Your little silver black pinto is cute, with his little braids and all.😁

Since he is loosing hair in patches, if you're concerned about buggies, part the hair and look closely. If he has lice or other creepy-crawlies you'll easily see their bloated bodies wriggling around.🤢

It does appear to be foal coat + winter woolies though. If you do decide to do any clipping, try a trace clip first. Here's a SmartPak link with some good basics:
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