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Dec 8, 2003
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Sandusky, OH
So I noticed tonight that my new mare has milk. Her udder is not full but she has a little bag and you can easily get milk from her. It is the color of an off-white. I was told she was not pregnant and her last foal was in 2007. She has been acting in heat for the past 3-4 weeks. At first it was a normal heat were she was teasing the stud all day long. the by the 2nd week she would only act like she was in heat when the stud was brought up to her. I bred her the first week and a half that she acted in heat then realized that there is no way she is still in a true heat so stopped breeding her. So now I find that she has milk and am wondering what in the world is going on? What could be a reason as to why she has milk when shes not pregnant?

Hope you guys can shed some light on this.



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Sep 9, 2003
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I am assuming this mare has had foals before. Some mares that have had foals before never really dry up. Also coming into heat can make their udder bigger because of the hormone fluctuation. I had a mare that looked pregnant had a bag and produced milk but was not. Your mares hormones could be messed up.

As for her acting like she is in heat so long it is probably because she is not dropping her follicle down. Sounds like she might need a shot to help her ovulate. Usually the shot (HCG I think) is giving about the 5th to 6th day of her heat. Right now she might need regumate for 15 days to help her get a regular cycle and then a shot of HCG in the next heat cycle to help her ovulate. I had to do the HCG shot on one mare this year because she was not ovulating and so far I think she is pregnant.

Ask your vet they would be able to help you get her on the right track.

Good Luck.

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